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Introducing the 2017 State of Automotive Marketing Report

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This post is the first in a series of articles exploring our 2017 State of Automotive Marketing report. If you'd rather read the report in one sitting, download the full report here.  

The State of Automotive Marketing in 2017

The auto industry has now hit three straight years of record-high sales, and 2017 is expected to continue the trend. How will your dealership keep up?

Despite the choppy waves caused by a uniquely negative election year, consumer confidence continued to grow. In addition, strong customer demand has kept sales numbers healthy.

So healthy, in fact, that 2017 is expected to be yet another record sales year for dealers in the U.S. — but with some necessary adjustments to product and strategy. Specifically, pickups and SUVs will make up about 60% of the new vehicle market in 2017.

However, the used vehicle market will be making a comeback. A large wave of leases that started in 2015 will be hitting the used vehicle market in 2017, leading to more selection in the used market — and thereby putting more pressure on new vehicle sales.

This means it will be more important than ever for dealerships to understand and address the context of both new leads and existing customers.

What Will Your 2017 Look Like?

With the benchmarks set high for 2017, your digital performance has never been more valuable. Every email, Facebook post, Google ad, and landing page counts more today than it did last year.

In our new 2017 State of Automotive Marketing report, we’re slicing the data to help your dealership market better.

This State of Automotive Marketing report takes a close look at the ideas, trends, and strategies embraced by dealerships throughout the U.S.

Our team at 9 Clouds surveyed more than 100 dealers throughout the U.S. to gather findings and insights. We hope the information in this report will help your dealership grow and profit in 2017.

Next Up — More Automotive Marketing Data

Our next 2017 State of Automotive Marketing post will explore 2017 automotive marketing priorities and strategies — two very important marketing considerations for auto dealers everywhere.

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