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Intro to Facebook Business Manager and Integration with Instagram

Facebook Business Manager

Are you advertising on Facebook? If you’re a digital marketer, you should be.

Facebook launched Business Manager last year, benefiting advertisers who share multiple Pages and ad accounts. You may either transition your ads to Business Manager now or let Facebook migrate your shared account for you on February 16.

Facebook Business Manager: It's Kind of a Big Deal

So what’s so great about Facebook Business Manager?

Well for one, it’s more secure and efficient. You can see, monitor, and access your admin pages and ad accounts. Anything your company runs or works on with Facebook can be accessed with a shared login.

Another great feature is the ability to change permission per person based on the access you grant them. You don’t have to log in and out of multiple accounts, share passwords, or link personal accounts to client work. Everything is more organized. Therefore, your work is more streamlined. You can easily see who is working on what, and check analytics for everything all in one place.

Separate Business from Personal

Possibly the best advantage yet is that you will have the ability to separate your personal Facebook account from your ads account. You won’t need to be Facebook friends with your coworkers to work on Facebook ads. (So, you’ll need to add your coworkers on Facebook for other reasons—like keeping up on birthdays, engagements, and so on.)

Only admins can invite other people to join Business Manager. Those without admin access may still view settings and get assigned to ad accounts and Pages.

While Business Manager was designed for large companies and advertising agencies managing multiple pages and ad accounts, it is just as useful for a small business.

Ready to upgrade to Facebook Business Manager? Here’s how.

Advertising on Instagram may still seem pretty new. But actually, Instagram announced the new feature a month ago. Industries like travel, e-commerce, entertainment, and retail seem to do especially well with Instagram ads. Similar to Facebook’s ad infrastructure, advertisers may target their messages to reach people based on what their interests are.

Integrating Instagram via Business Manager

So, it only makes sense that advertisers may now integrate Instagram ads with Facebook ads through Business Manager. How neat is that?

Facebook Business Manager Integrates With Instagram

After you migrate your Facebook advertising to Business Manager, simply go into your settings, and then select Instagram Accounts. Click “Claim New Instagram Account” in the top right corner. From there, just enter your Instagram login and password information.

Check the box next to each ad account and authorize access to your business’s Instagram account. Or, click “Assign Ad Accounts” and associate your accounts later. For a closer look at this process, we found this resource for you.

Facebook Ad Integration With Instagram Ads Is Going To Be ‘Yuge’

By the time our next president is elected, we’re sure many companies—both big and small—will be setting up ads on Facebook and Instagram in tandem with Business Manager. Get ahead of the game now, and migrate your Facebook advertising to Business Manager, and then integrate with Instagram.

Facebook advertising can get a bit confusing. Check out our many resources for Facebook Ads to get started, find your audience, and create your ad strategy.