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How to Win Digital Dealer 20 in Orlando, FL

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One of the largest automotive industry conferences around is Digital Dealer. Digital Dealer describes itself as the “most progressive digital automotive event in the United States with digital tools, education, and peer contacts the automotive industry needs to solve problems, grow sales, increase customer retention, and boost profits.”

Oofta, that’s a mouthful.

As you can tell, Digital Dealer is the place to be for auto dealers and managers seeking to up their digital marketing game.

We’ve mentioned Digital Dealer before here, and here. Like the name implies, this conference is focused on digital marketing for auto dealers. Few auto dealers are fully embracing the digital tools available in today's era of technology, so this is a great expo to attend if you want to take the lead in your market and learn from the experts.

Some of the speakers at Digital Dealer might be more progressive than you’re comfortable with, but that’s what digital is all about: pushing boundaries. You don’t become an industry leader by sticking with the status quo.

Even if you’re only ready to implement a few digital changes, this is a great place to get inspiration for your own auto dealership.

Digital Dealer 20 in the Sunshine State

Digital Dealer 20 is happening next week, Jan. 19-21, in Orlando, Florida. The cost of tickets, travel, and time you’re taking off work alone should be enough to motivate you to approach this conference with an open mind and an empty notebook. 

After you’ve packed your suitcase, take a moment and read through these tips for industry conference success. It’ll help you make the most of the auto conference without feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Think about the specific areas of digital marketing you’d like to learn about ahead of time. Would you like to improve your automotive social media efforts? Are you interested in focusing on key internet and technology solutions needed for today’s dealerships? Curious about how you can get the most out of your CRM and lead nurturing strategies? Make a list of what you’d like to learn. This will help you set goals for yourself and make the trip worthwhile.
  2. Take a look at your agenda ahead of time and familiarize yourself with your schedule. This weekend, spend some time learning the Digital Dealer Agenda. You can even build your own custom agenda through the conference’s event app. It lets you add the speakers and sessions you’re most interested in a digital calendar, and it even keeps track of session locations for you. When you’re building your agenda, focus on expanding your skill set and attending the sessions most valuable to your dealership.
  3. Network with strangers, even if they’re your competition. When you go to the Digital Dealer lunch or cocktail hour meet and greet, put your phone in your pocket and resist the urge to hide behind your smartphone. Often, these social gatherings are where you can get the inside scoop on innovations in your industry and exchange ideas with your fellow marketing managers. If the idea of an IRL (in real life) conversation with strangers is overwhelming, try reaching out to some industry leaders before the event. You can build a connection through Twitter now so that you’re not meeting up with total strangers when you actually get to Orlando.
  4. Take extensive notes so it’s easier to bring your knowledge home. How can you use the new tools and strategies you learn at the conference if you forget everything by the time you leave? You’ll likely want to share with your co-workers the information you learned during the conference. When someone on our team goes to a conference, we like to schedule a lunch (or even better, happy hour) learning session so that they can relay all the valuable knowledge to the rest of us. You should do the same.

So, what happens when you leave Florida?

Because you diligently took notes at each session, you will have some awesome takeaways to present to the team at your dealership. It’s easy to overwhelm your coworkers with all of those ideas, so plan for some things as immediate action items, and save others as short- and long-term goals. 

Win Your Auto Dealership's Marketing

There’s so much value in automotive conferences like Digital Dealer 20. If you’re attending, do yourself a favor and plan ahead. You want to get the full experience.

If you can’t make Digital Dealer 20, check out our blog post on the best industry conferences for auto dealers, and plan for one of the other great events in the U.S. and Canada.

And if you want help putting the progressive digital lessons you’ll learn in Orlando next week to work, get in touch with us. We’re here to help. 


*Photo Credit: Jeny Plante