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How to Utilize a Multi-product Facebook Ad

A multi-product Facebook ad can increase your business exponentially.

A Facebook ad is a killer promotional tool for your business. Now, the social network has rolled out a new feature that will allow you to reel in even more customers with a single promotion.

Multi-product ads

Facebook’s new multi-product ad feature allows you to roll up to five photos into a single scrolling display. Showcase your business with a series of eye-catching visuals that will catch the attention of targeted customers. This will allow you to:

  • Tell Your Story: Draw your customers in with a visual and gradually tell them what your business is all about.
  • Display More Products: With up to five ads instead of one, you’ll be able to put more products in front of your customers.
  • Provide Additional Details: More ad real estate means more room for product info.

Increased Conversions and Traffic

Because each image in the scrolling multi-product ad has a distinct url, you can use each photo to drive traffic to specific areas of your website and increase conversions for your Facebook ad. A customer who quickly reaches his or her destination is much more likely to become a converted customer. Displaying multiple products in a single Facebook ad also increases the odds that a customer will find interest in something you offer, which will lead to higher traffic for your website.

After all, higher traffic and conversion rates are the crux of Facebook ads. Your ability to find and keep the attention of your customers will become more manageable with the new multi-product ad feature.

How to Place a Multi-product Facebook Ad

  • Visit the Power Editor while logged into the account you use to manage your pages. (Note: the editor only supports Google Chrome so download that browser if you do not already have it.).
  • Create a new campaign using either the “Clicks to website” or “Website conversions” option.
  • Within the “Create Ad” section, select “Multiple Images and links.”
  • Choose the order of the images yourself or have Facebook choose by selecting “Automatically select and order images and links.”

That's it! Be sure to track your Facebook insights to find out which images are working, and adjust your strategy accordingly.