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How to use Leadin for your WordPress Site

Leadin for small business

As marketers, we can all agree that it feels good to see website visits go up from month-to-month, it feels great when you know exactly who those visitors are, and it feels amazing when you know what each visitor wants. Furthermore, it feels ridiculously amazing when you can use all of this knowledge for a predictive marketing strategy.

Knowing the identities of and context around your visitors allows you to publish web content that they’re interested in, and ultimately convert more of them into paying customers. It’s the gist of predictive marketing for small businesses.

Leadin: Get to Know Your Visitors.

Leadin is a free plugin for WordPress which helps with marketing automation and lead tracking. It provides more context for the form submissions that happen on your site.

When people visit your website, it’s important to have the right details up-front so that they can make their next move toward becoming a customer. Using publicly available information, Leadin serves up useful details such as the employer, work history, location, and browsing habits of the lead on your site.

Affordable Bells and Whistles for Your Marketing Strategy

When you install the free Leadin WordPress plugin, it will track each of your anonymous visitors with a cookie.

Then, when a visitor fills out a form on your site, Leadin will automatically identify the person and reconcile it with their visit history and add them to your contact list.

After someone fills out a form, you’ll receive an email with details, including the visit history and publicly available data about that person.

How to use Leadin for your business

Leadin operates like most other WordPress plugins. Log into your WordPress admin panel, and select Plugins > Add Plugins. Then, search for “Leadin” and select the one-click “Install Now” button. 

Leadin will walk through a few set-up screens where you can configure some useful settings to suit your website.

Leadin is Meant to, Well, Lead you in. #Whoa #Meta

This plugin is a freemium product of HubSpot, an inbound marketing software that we love at 9 Clouds. In fact, some of our team was actually at the Inbound marketing conference in Boston when Leadin was launched, and we've been using it on our own site for about a month now.

How has it gone so far? Well, we're not a good litmus test, to be honest. Our team already uses HubSpot to track and inbound the leads via 9clouds.com and 9clouds.com/auto, so we're not surprised by how awesome the Leadin plugin is. For us to use Leadin is like driving a BMW motorcycle when you could just drive the BMW sportscar.

We recommend heading over to leadin.com to learn more about this exciting new tool.

Have you used Leadin? Thinking about using it? We want to hear from you in the comments!

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