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How to Tailor Your Ads with Facebook Audience Insights

Sandy Beach

At first glance, the Facebook Audience Insights tool is overwhelming. Maybe not as overwhelming as trying to count the grains of sand on Earth, but it still doesn’t look like an easy task.

That data holds some very valuable insight for marketing, though, and I promise you, it’s worth the dig.

Keep your options open

The Audience Insights tool on Facebook seems so daunting because it has an immense amount of data. That just means there are more options for you to tailor your advertising.

You can filter by age and gender, relationship status and job roles. Or you can analyze lifestyle information and purchase behavior.

As a marketer, this tells you really specific details about your target audience so you can create the most relevant content for them. You don’t want to waste time and money making content that doesn’t speak to your audience.


Maybe you’re a local bike shop and you’re not sure why you should use Facebook Audience Insights. It's important to note the information you’ll pull here differs from the data on your Page Insights.

Page Insights looks at interactions specifically on your business page — what people are liking and sharing with friends. Audience Insights, though, pulls together anonymous information from the general Facebook community, not just your current fans.

You can start with how many people on Facebook live near your store. Taking that group, you can research their purchase behavior. Are they primarily online shoppers? Do they click Facebook ads on their smartphone or a desktop computer?

This is valuable information about potential customers, not current ones.

Positive interactions

Some of you might be wondering why you’d even want to know things like household size or buying habits of people who aren’t your fans.

It’s all about providing a positive customer experience. 

You’re not gathering this information to push sales or stalk customers. Instead, you’re using it to personalize the content, and in the end, make it as positive as possible for the person on the receiving end.

Cut down costs

The time you spend learning how to use the Audience Insights tool is going to pay big returns in the form of insights, and ultimately improve your digital marketing strategy.

Every ad campaign you run in Facebook challenges you to engage users. You can get your costs down by fine-tuning your ad to your target audience. And you can captivate customers by giving them something that’s actually relevant.

Don’t let the Audience Insights tool overwhelm you. If scientists can figure out there are seven quintillion, five hundred quadrillion grains of sand on our planet, you can definitely get to know your audience better.

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Photo credit: Kris Williams