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How to Keep Social Media Channels Updated During Holidays

Social Media Marketing

We’re betting the last thing you want to do during the holidays is keep your automotive social media channels up-to-date. Why not take a break from social media and be social with your loved ones instead? 

Say “peace” to posting this holiday season.

Social media will always be a cornerstone of any integrated inbound marketing strategy. Here are four ways to keep your social media presence alive during the holidays.

Focus Your Efforts

Keeping social media profiles active is important no matter what time of year it is. The downtime during holiday breaks could be a great opportunity for you to create new connections and invite fans, followers, and connections to engage with your content. Just because you aren’t at the office doesn’t mean people have stopped checking their newsfeeds. 

Some reports suggest consumer interaction rates increase by 46 percent on popular social media sites during the holidays. Many people aren't working and have more free time.

Considering this, you should focus your efforts on the social media channels that bring you the most interactivity and results. For example, if you see the most activity from Facebook, focus on scheduling Facebook posts and Facebook ads. Carousel ads, or multi-product ads, are a great way to gain traction on Facebook from car shoppers. Reach the right audience with your ads by setting up custom audiences or lookalike campaigns. 

Schedule Ahead of Time

Press pause in the present, but schedule social posts ahead of time. Only schedule content during peak traffic hours or when your audience is likely to be on social media. 

But how do you know the best time to schedule a post? Look back on previous posts and check engagement rates and interactions. Recording times that work and times that don’t is an excellent way to build a posting schedule. The more people interact with your content, the more people will see it. 

Start small and learn by doing. Change and build based on the feedback you’re receiving and activity you’re noticing. For Facebook advertising, schedule your ads ahead of time with Business Manager

Use scheduling tools like HubSpot Social Monitoring toolHootsuite, or Buffer to plan out your posting schedules ahead of time. Schedule posts for each day on your most active social media channels so you won’t have to think of content to post during the holidays. 

Promote Evergreen Content

Maintaining relationships with your social media audience is important. Using marketing automation with social media isn’t just for gaining leads, it is also a key ingredient to keeping customers engaged. Continuing dialogue with customers builds trust, shows them that they are valued and will often lead to repeat sales.

Promote evergreen content, or long-lasting content that helps you boost your SEO. If you have a blog post, landing page, video, or any other piece of content that is still relevant, go ahead and share it with social media connections during the holidays. 

By keeping social media channels sociable during the holidays, you show your leads a personal side of your brand and let them know you’re still around and available for questions or business. 

Share & Retweet

Share articles relating to the holiday season, like how your automotive business celebrated or donated to charities in your community. Most charities have social media accounts and the holidays are a great time to spread content. Retweet or share content about charity drives, end-of-year celebrations, and holiday gift ideas. 

Add a touch of personality to your accounts by sharing your staff’s favorite holiday recipes, photos of your Christmas decorations, news on festive events in your community. Get in the spirit of the season by updating your cover photo and profile with holiday-themed imagery. 

Keep your fans and followers informed of your holiday hours via social media. This is easy content to post, and your audience will appreciate the heads up. 

Holiday Break from Social Media Posting

Enjoy a peaceful holiday break from posting on social media every day and schedule your posts in advance. Promote evergreen content, and share and retweet relevant content to help boost SEO. Your fans and followers will still be checking their newsfeeds during the holidays, so you should still have content up and running. 

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On behalf of all your inbound marketers at 9 Clouds, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season! 

*Photo Credit: kim-by-the-sea