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How many people use Twitter in the Midwest? [Infographic]

As I travel and attempt to set-up shop on five continents, Twitter is one of my favorite tools. You can use it to search and find people interested in similar topics, people living in the place you are visiting or in the case of a business, find potential customers.

However, despite Twitter’s beloved role in pop culture (Lady GaGa is currently the most followed Twitterer), the fact is there has been minimal adoption, especially in rural areas.

Compared to Facebook which boasts nearly 50% adoption in most places, Twitter is lucky to crack 1%. A look at the following infographic highlights the number of Twitter users per population from the 2010 census.

Are you a Twitter user? Why would you recommend or discourage others from using it?

How Many People Use Twitter in the Midwest

Note: Our research looked at users based on location, meaning location would have to be turned on or tweets would have to come from a GPS phone to be counted.