Gettin’ Personal: How Laptop Stickers Reflect Our Office Culture

Gettin’ Personal: How Laptop Stickers Reflect Our Office Culture

millennial-friendly office culture requires being flexible — and, let’s face it, desktop computers aren’t flexible.

So 9 Clouds opts to supply each cloud with their own laptop. Over time, we’ve really made them our own. 

Laptop Stickers Are Part of Our Office Culture

Our laptops are basically portable desk spaces, so it makes sense that they — like the rest of our workspaces — are opportunities for self-expression. 

Each cloud is free to add their personality to their space because we believe that self-expression (a factor in emotional wellbeing) is pretty important in a workplace. 

The lid of my MacBook has a single 9 Clouds logo, placed right over the glowing apple. I have to admit, it was a terrifying moment when I committed to putting the sticker on the smooth silver surface.

But elsewhere in the office, laptop stickers abound.

Orange City, IA sticker in the shape of an orange on Jacquelyn's MacBook, showing her pride for being from Orange City, Iowa. Jacquelyn’s Orange Sticker

Jacquelyn has only two stickers on her laptop, and her favorite sticker is “in the shape of an orange to be punny.”

It says “Orange City, IA” on it, and, by the way, it’s her favorite for good reason:

 “Orange City is my hometown, and having the OC sticker on my laptop is a reminder to me of where I came from.”

Jacquelyn is pretty proud of her hometown, but she also admits that showing her pride with a sticker is less scary than getting a tattoo. 

Rachel’s Elephant StickerA sticker in the shape of an elephant wearing pants, which clues people into Rachel's personality.

If you keep walking in the office, past Nelson‘s desk (he, like me, has only the 9 Clouds sticker), you’ll see Rachel’s collection: a handful of fun and varied stickers. Her favorite is an elephant wearing pants.

In Rachel’s words:

“Stickers are so fun. I love adding a little personal flair to my cold, gray laptop. It’s a form of self-expression to let people know what I’m about.”

In case you’re wondering, she’s about “wildlife conservation and cool pants.”

. . . Which is evident in this sticker, because it became hers when she bought a pair of cool elephant pants and also donated to Space for Giants, an organization that protects African elephants from poaching.

An oval circle that says "CFM", which shares Jaden's personality and love of the city of Colombia, Missouri. Jaden’s CFM Sticker

In the very back corner of our office, Jaden’s accidental sticker conglomeration is visible. Her explanation: “I just started putting them on there . . . I don’t know why I put them on there.” 

But Jaden’s favorite sticker is an oval that simply says “CFM Columbia F*cking Missouri,” and it’s her favorite for sentimental reasons:

“That’s where my brother lives, and I love going to CoMo to hang out.”

In the Mood to Go Buy Some Stickers?

Millennial employees are a fun and driven group of people — if we do say so ourselves.

To get the best work from your millennial employees, let them bring their personality into their workspace (and maybe think about letting their dogs come hang out in the office, too!).

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