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How Blogging Helps You Close Sales

At 9 Clouds we write a lot of content on our blog and blogging is a very important part of our internet marketing packages. We often get the questions “Why do you blog?” and “Does blogging really help with sales?” The answer is “100% yes!” Find out why in this post.

1. Get Found and Save Money

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a huge benefit of blogging. Google and other search engines give higher search ranking to sites that have the most relevant and fresh content. You can't just blog twice a year. Google is looking for new posts.

Don't use black hat tactics though. The posts need to actually say something and be relevant. It can't just be a keyword dump. Google will sniff that out quick.

Search engines also give higher ranking to sites that have more inbound links; links from sites outside of your website. Blog content is the most frequently inbound linked content.

Also, if you rank better for keywords you are advertising on, your cost-per-click (CPC) will be less and go down. As you write more content and continue to improve your rank, you'll save money and allow more searchers to find your site.

2. Educate Your Prospects

At 9 Clouds we believe the best way to sell is to teach – “Sharing insight and expertise is not optional; instead, it is a gateway to new business relationships.” Placing education at the core of your content builds trust and helps attract the right customers.

We are evangelists of Facebook advertising here at 9 Clouds and blog posts make some of the best content for Facebook ads. By not jumping straight to the sale and instead offering information, you are much more likely to get the prospect to engage with your content. Educate first, sell second.

3. Save Your Sales Team Time

When you have more educated prospects, you'll save your sales team time in the sales process. Their prospects will know more from the start and move through the process quicker.

What are the frequently asked questions your sales team is always answering? That is blog content gold! Write the answers to the questions as blog posts and you've created a resource that your sales team can send out and reference instead of constantly answering the same questions on the phone 20 times a day.

4. Tailor Your Sales Approach

With marketing automation software like HubSpot and tools like Sidekick, you can learn a lot about a prospect before they ever pick up the phone or send you an email. You can see what a prospect has been reading on your blog and downloading. This gives you a good idea of the most relevant product or service for them when you start them down the funnel, hopefully making the prospect happier and the sale easier.

Start Blogging Today

Blogging helps you get found and save money, educate your prospects, saves your sales team time and helps tailor the solution to the prospect. Why aren't you doing it?!

If you are worried about the time commitment, start small with a few posts per month. Transcribe those videos you have posted on your YouTube channel, write employee spotlights or answer your first FAQ.

If you need to be further convinced, I wrote on this topic for the HubSpot Insiders Blog.

If you're ready to go, check out our guide to SEO on our Resources page to help establish those keywords you're going to start targeting with your content.