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How Auto Dealers Can Boost Form Submissions

Kick the tires. Take a test drive.

People used to get up close and personal with a number of different car models before they made a final decision.

Today, shoppers are kicking those tires digitally, turning their attention to the web for research on automotive makes and models. This means it’s more important than ever for auto dealers to be online, marketing to customers where they’re shopping.

As an auto dealer, you can’t just wait for a customer to show up at your dealership’s doorstep. Here are four ways to meet leads at the top of the funnel, so you can educate and delight them right up to the sale.

Care About Every Lead

People like to say ‘not all leads are created equal’ but we like to think not all leads are in the same buying mindset. Everyone is still important.

Just because someone isn’t ready to buy today, doesn’t mean they’re not worth your time. And we’ve found, that a dealership who nurtures all leads — from those just beginning to shop to the most marketing-qualified — has a lot of success.

Sure, you don’t want your sales staff calling everyone on your contact list, but you can use low-barrier offers online to drive conversion.

Today, 82% of smartphone users turn to their devices to help make a product decision, and when someone opens their email or searches social media, you should be where they turn for answers.

Use Time Wisely

Here at 9 Clouds, we like to tailor our content to HubSpot’s Buyer’s Journey.

As you can see in the image below, someone in the Awareness Stage is realizing their opportunity — in your case, the idea that they need a new car — but they don’t want, or need, the same attention as a lead in the Decision Stage.


We set up automated systems to help our auto clients nurture these Awareness Stage leads, leaving their sales staff’s valuable time open to meet the demands of those in the Decision Stage.

You, too, can implement these systems at your automotive dealership and boost form submissions.

Use Your Existing Content

Are you already writing a blog? (You should be because it's great for inbound marketing. Here’s an entire post on the benefit of blogging for marketing, if you don’t believe us!)

You can generate leads from that blog content.

Ask visitors to sign up for a newsletter subscription featuring top posts from the week or month, depending on how often you offer fresh content.

Another way to put your blog to use is to compile posts into an eBook. Promote this collection of content to a specific group of leads you’d like to target — like millennial shoppers.

The key is to ensure the value proposition matches the request. So don’t expect newsletter subscribers to give you the condition of their current car or truck — but an email address and zip code aren’t out of line.

Let Us Help

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