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How 9 Clouds Marketing Automation Integrates with Haystak and SEM

Do you run Google ads for your dealership? Of course you do! The automotive industry is the second largest market on AdWords.

One of the largest companies running search engine marketing, or SEM ads, for the automotive industry is Haystak.

If you utilize Haystak, or a similar SEM company, the digital marketing offerings from 9 Clouds can integrate with or replace your current services.

Integrating with SEM Efforts

Online ads are great for driving traffic. The more you pay, the more people come to your website. How do you know if those visitors end up buying?

Complete ROI Tracking

9 Clouds measures the success of your online ads by monitoring the activities of anyone who clicks on an ad. On a monthly basis, we report how many people who clicked ads ended up submitting a form, getting their car serviced or buying a vehicle. This complete ROI tracking enables the store to decide whether or not to increase or decrease the digital ad spend.

Since we do not work with or for Haystak, we can give you an honest assessment of what is working, what can be improved and what can be cut.

Sidenote: Try Social Ads 

In our experience, we have seen greater success conquesting new customers through social media ads than search ads. Social ads work well because you can target potential customers who drive specific makes and models. That means you can conquest your biggest competitors.

The ads that work best for this conquest are service ads on Facebook, because the massive social network provides an easy way to get potential customers in the door. Once they service their vehicle, you can market to them using marketing automation and email.

Personal Marketing for Ad Visitors

Measuring ROI isn't the only way 9 Clouds integrates with SEM campaigns. A potential customer who clicks an ad requires a different type of messaging than someone who has shopped with your dealership for years.

Marketing automation from 9 Clouds provides a campaign of emails, blogs and social media messages specifically targeted to people who click ads. If potential customers click on your Google AdWords ad about a new F-150, we will provide them more information about the truck and the dealership, since people who click ads are usually potential customers unfamiliar with the store.

Leads who click an ad will also be prompted to submit an email address to assess their trade. Since they are “top of the funnel” leads, meaning they are likely just beginning their search, we see the greatest success when we can capture their email address and get them on the phone for a trade-in assessment.

Regardless of the campaign, the strategy is the same. Treat ad visitors differently than other customers. 9 Clouds takes care of this service for you and integrates immediately with Haystak or your SEM provider of choice.

Replacing SEM Providers with 9 Clouds

At 9 Clouds, servicing your AdWords, Bing and social ads are included in every package. That means you can replace your current provider with 9 Clouds and save money.

What's more, most SEM companies have extremely high ad buy fees. For companies such as Haystak and Cobalt, it is not unusual to see ad buy fees of up to 35-40%. At 9 Clouds, ad buy fees are always 15%.

What's more, we create custom campaigns for every client and point those ads to the blog posts and landing pages we create for the store. This targeted content has a lower ad cost and a higher click through rate. We typically see a 30-40% savings in an ad's cost per click (CPC) when we take over an SEM campaign. You can get more ads for the same budget with 9 Clouds.

Demand Conversion, Not Impressions

If you're just doing SEM, all you are doing is driving people to your website.

More isn't better. Better is better. Combine your SEM efforts with marketing automation so your ad visitors will turn into car buyers.

Request an Audit to See if We Can Help

At 9 Clouds, we want to work with companies we can actually help. That means we want to provide a free digital audit to analyze your SEM efforts and see if we can deliver better results. If things are working well, we'll tell you not to change them. If there are ways we can help, we'll tell you that too.

Getting started is easy. Just submit this digital audit request. We'll contact you to set up a time to talk.


Photo: Simone Akgulian