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How 9 Clouds Integrates with Dealer E-Process

Dealer E-Process was the first automotive website provider to offer mobile responsive websites, and the company excels at increasing conversion rates through testing and unique designs.

Lead conversion is important, but only if you have a long-term plan to convert those leads into sales. That's where 9 Clouds and our marketing automation services come in.

Conversion-focused Internet Marketing

When people visit your website, your number one goal is to convince them to fill out a form, which allows your store to talk to them, educate them, help them and ultimately market to them for free.

This marketing is most successful when it is personalized for what that specific customer is looking for. Marketing automation does just that. Instead of sending the same follow-up response or blast email message, it sends the right message to the right person at the right time and place.

Marketing Automation Integration with Dealer E-Process

Marketing automation integration is seamless with Dealer E-Process.

When leads fill out a form, their name and details are emailed directly into 9 Clouds' marketing automation system. This information is combined with real-time information about customers, such as:

  • the number of web pages they've looked at
  • the specific information they've looked at
  • the source that brought them to the website
  • any emails they have clicked on or responded to

The combination of historic and real-time data is the perfect trigger for marketing.

For example, marketing automation integrated with Dealer E-Process enables:

  • Someone asking for a quote who was already a customer of Sales Rep A to get a response from the person the customer has worked with
  • Someone asking for a quote who serviced a vehicle last week to get a trade-in offer specific for that specific vehicle.
  • Someone asking for a quote who is on Twitter to be followed by the dealer and added to a list of potential customers that should be monitored online

Beyond iSpy to Action

Dealer E-Process offers a lead tracking add-on called iSpy. This tool tracks the pages a lead looks at and shows that information on the Dealer E-Process dashboard.

Marketing automation from 9 Clouds is different because it not only tracks the user, but also delivers the lead to the sales rep and starts marketing automatically.

For example, if a potential customer looks at a vehicle detail page, a sales rep will receive details about what the lead was looking at. Simultaneously, the shopper would receive an email with links to five different blog posts about the vehicle he or she was researching. This information could include comparison pages, trade-in offers and information about why that dealership is best.

Having information means little if action is not taken. 9 Clouds' marketing automation takes action for dealers and sends the essential information, such as the lead's name, email and viewing history, to the sales rep. That means the sales rep can spend less time on the Internet and more time on the phone with potential customers.

Supercharge Your Dealer E-Process Site

Interested in learning more about taking action with your Dealer E-Process website? Try a free 30 day trial of marketing automation. We will help you install it and provide insights and recommendations based on your store's specific data.

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