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Historic Lead Tracking Versus Real-time Lead Tracking

In the summer of 2004, I had an emergency. I had to wanted to see my girlfriend. She was living with her parents four hours away in the “big city.” My dad would sit down with me and the road atlas to help me figure out how to navigate the busy roads.

The Atlas versus Google Maps

I drove with excitement, ready to see her, and inevitably saw the dreaded orange sign. Construction. As they say in the Midwest, there are two seasons, winter and road construction.

In the ancient times of 2004, there was no way to know what was happening with road construction. All my dad and I could do was look at the static atlas and guess which route was best.

This may have been the best option, but my anxious adolescent self was more than displeased with the wasted minutes. A few short years later, the advent of Google maps helped my drive time and love life.

Wasted Opportunities with Historic Data

In the digital marketing world, too many auto dealers are looking at a “map” and losing valuable opportunities to connect with potential customers.

Historic data is the static information the store has on a customer. Their previous purchases, past service RO's and calls or leads submitted are all available as historic data in the DMS software and can be used to draw valuable insights.

Software such as Auto Alerts and CRM alerts are based on this historic data. Someone who hasn't visited for 3 months must need a service appointment. Someone who hasn't purchased for two years must be in the market for a new car.

While these benchmarks are great starting points, at the end of the day, the information is not up-to-date. It is the road atlas versus Google Maps. It lacks real-time information.

New Opportunities with Real-time Data

Real-time data is the best measurement of who is ready to buy.

In addition to the historic information about what a customer has done in the past, real-time data is the information on actions customers are performing at the moment. It includes the web pages they are visiting, the emails they are clicking, the ads bringing them to the site and likelihood that they are ready to purchase, combining real-time and historic factors.

Using lead tracking software, a store can discover which customers are ready to buy and which ones are not showing interest. These predictive analytics help focus your sales rep's time on the highest value leads.

Google Maps adds information on road construction so you can change your route before you start. Real-time data online helps you change your marketing and sales efforts based on who is most interested.

How to Capture Real-time Data

Start using real-time data by adding marketing automation software to your website. You can add your historic customer data from your DMS or CRM into your marketing automation software.

Then, you can track which customers click your emails and fill out your forms. As the visitors look at specific pages on your site, you can identify the best leads.

At 9 Clouds, we set up the automatic alerts so your sales reps know which customers are online and looking. The best strategy we have seen is to have the sales reps then call the potential customers who are showing interest. Customers not showing interest can receive an email instead of a phone call to help allocate time effectively.

Capture Real-time Email Data

In addition to web data, you can identify when people are opening your emails using Sidekick software. This tells your sales reps who is opening emails and when. If a potential customer is looking at your email, you know the person is either on the phone or computer. This is the perfect time to call and check-in.

This video walks you through using Sidekick:

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Ditch the Atlas – Get Google Maps

Don't settle for static information. The future of digital marketing is based on a large number of signals, including past behavior along with the pages and actions they are taking online. The more you know, the better you can market.

Learn more, market smarter with real-time data.


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