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Guide to Writing a Manifesto [eBook]

While not a painless process, publishing a manifesto is well worth the time and effort. Our new 9 Clouds manifesto reflects beliefs that our entire staff can stand behind in unity. After powering through the process ourselves, we collected our resources and insight about writing a manifesto and created a new eBook.

How To Write A Manifesto eBook includes:

  • What Is A Manifesto?
  • 4 Inspiring Manifestos
    • New Belgium: Putting Employees First
    • Holstee: Transcending a Brand
    • Livestrong: Writing for a Specific Audience
    • Google: Humanizing a Company
  • The 9 Clouds Manifesto
  • The Creation Process
    • Gather Your Team
    • Start Drafting
    • Finalize the Manifesto
    • Spread Your Beliefs

If you are ready to take the plunge to create your own manifesto or simply curious what the process entails, download the free eBook below.

Download the eBook