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Get the Most Out of Reynolds and Reynolds CRM and F&I with Marketing Automation

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about how marketing automation works with common automotive software tools like ADP, DealerSocket and Auto Alerts. We’re continuing that series with this post focused on how a marketing automation agency like 9 Clouds works with Reynolds and Reynolds.

Reynolds and Reynolds

The Reynolds and Reynolds website says that “Reynolds and Reynolds delivers the software, business forms and supplies, and professional services that support all areas of automotive retailing for car dealers and automakers.” The services of Reynolds and Reynolds go far beyond just online marketing support. However, since we at 9 Clouds are focused on online marketing and marketing automation, we'll now take a look at Reynolds and Reynolds services that can take your online marketing to the next level with marketing automation.

With our automotive clients, we most regularly work with the CRM (customer relationship management) and F&I (finance and insurance) parts of Reynolds and Reynolds’ solutions. This software provides detailed data on everything from name to what model the contact was most interested in.

Why Use Marketing Automation?

Like most software companies that cater to the automotive industry, Reynolds and Reynolds also provides online marketing services. So you may be wondering –  why work with a online marketing firm like 9 Clouds? Two words: marketing automation. When you combine data from Reynolds and Reynolds with the insight from marketing automation software like HubSpot and marketing automation strategy from 9 Clouds, you receive custom online marketing tailored to your specific dealership.

Before we go any further, the most important part about leveraging a tool like Reynolds and Reynolds for marketing is entering your data. The marketing that is executed is only as good as the data used to inform it, so make sure your sales team is diligent about entering leads and sales into the system with as much information as they can gather.

If your sales people are slow to make entering the information online part of their routine, tell them that pursuing an online lead is much warmer than standing at the front door of the dealership waiting for someone to drive in. If the sales team wants more sales, updated online data is the way to do it.

Combining Reynolds and Reynolds with Marketing Automation

The potential of the data in Reynolds and Reynolds combined with marketing automation is exponential for your dealership’s marketing. Here are a few examples.

  • If you know that if you get a recent car purchase customer into the store for their first oil change they’ll keep coming back, you can export all customers who have purchased in the last 3-4 months out of Reynolds and Reynolds and target them with a social media advertising campaign. You’ll save money by targeting and hitting the people who are most interested in the message.
  • Let’s say you have an awesome deal on Ford Fusions this month that you think current Fusion and other midsize car owners would be interested in. By exporting based on current vehicle ownership and interested models, you'll hit the right audience with the right message.
  • Relationships are key in all aspects of life. By keeping record of a customer’s birthday in Reynolds and Reynolds, you can build an email campaign that automatically sends based on date using marketing automation.
  • Want to know who your warmest leads are right now? Using marketing automation, you can see which leads have visited your site most recently and what they are looking at.

Are you ready for your data to reach its full potential?

Reynolds and Reynolds has nearly of 150 years of experience. The company has great tools for your automotive dealership which, when combined with marketing automation, can take your dealership to the next level.

At 9 Clouds, we don’t just believe in marketing automation – we know from experience that it works. If you want to know more about how we can unlock the full potential of your CRM with our services, contact us. If you want to see firsthand what marketing automation software is about, try a 30-day demo.