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Freedom Isn’t a Luxury: Increase Work Success with Autonomy

The recipe for traditional work success is pretty short.

Add job security to a good salary, and you’re done. Passion for your work is like the icing on the cake — nothing more than a luxury.

To take this analogy all the way, 9 Clouds is eating frosting out of the jar.

We believe work success comes from employees who are happy and inspired. Salary and job security will fall into place, but personal freedom in the workplace is where a good career begins.

For traditional readers, this might sound like an unrealistic way to run a business, but it’s really easy to increase your employees’ success with a little autonomy.

It's All About the Journey

No two employees work in exactly the same way. Even in heavily regulated positions, employees will attack a task differently.

That means there is no reason for anyone to micromanage their employees. Instead, make the timeframe of a project and its goal clear. Your employees will find the most efficient way to get there.

Here at 9 Clouds, we use Basecamp to track our goals for each client, and there’s an almost “set it and forget it” mentality for those tasks. Not because we don’t follow up on our work, but because we hold each other accountable.

I know any task I assign to a coworker (or my boss) will get done because I trust everyone to do their work or ask for help.

You may have been shocked by my parenthetical up there, but it’s not uncommon or uncomfortable for anyone on our team to assign a task for our CEO.

We all have an equal voice in the work we're doing.

In traditional workplaces, managers hand out tasks, telling employees what to do, but rarely explaining why. Here at 9 Clouds, everyone sees the big picture, and because of that, we understand the value in each assignment.

Fulfillment Through Freedom

It’s vital for your employees to feel like they're doing valuable work. When people feel appreciated for their contributions, they will invest more energy in a project.

When you create a culture of autonomy and appreciation, employees start to feel that when they succeed, the company succeeds.

Bellhops co-founder Cameron Doody talked about how this cycle of success works at his start-up, saying, “People don’t just want a job anymore; they want a fulfilling job. Fulfillment at work comes with the freedom to make decisions and own your position.”

When employees own their work, Doody says you get “elevated customer service, because everyone treats their job like it’s their own company.”

Pick Your Flavor

Autonomy comes in a lot of different varieties.

In some workplaces, it means freedom to do work at your own pace. Other companies let employees set their own schedules or work remotely. Here at 9 Clouds, it's all of the above.

It’s important to find the freedom that works best for your company culture and then make it clear to employees. I promise you'll see a more passionate and successful group of people than you've got today.

Do you want to see what it's like to work with a group of people who are truly inspired by the work they do? Get in touch with us.