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Five of the Best Automotive Digital Marketing Podcasts

Auto dealers — how would you like to learn more about dealing cars while driving in one?  

We enjoy listening to automotive digital marketing podcasts to hone our skills. We think you will, too. 

Podcasts are a great way to multitask. You can get where you are going while getting smarter. Because we want you and your dealership to excel, we’ve compiled five of our favorite automotive marketing podcasts. 

  1. The Dealer Playbook features interviews with “elite trainers, speakers and authors” in the auto industry. This weekly podcast offers content marketing hacks, social media tips and more. Subscribe to have them sent directly to your inbox. 
  2. The Motorcar Marketing Podcast helps you sell more cars by teaching you how to more effectively market inventory and maximize ROI through various advertising channels. Like The Dealer Playbook, this podcast features interviews with auto industry experts to gain insight into their respective expertise.
  3. The “Traffic Builders” Chuck and Tricia Patton offer expertise about mobile apps for automotive dealerships, making a mid-year evaluation of your service department's marketing strategy, and adapting to the challenges of the modern automotive marketplace.
  4. Weekly podcasts are good, but you can also gain value from one-off podcasts, like this one from Bankrate. Is now the right time to buy a car? As a dealer, you should know the popular opinion on that topic. Listen to Mark Hamrick, Bankrate's Washington bureau chief, talk about where things stand in the auto market and at the gas pump.
  5. Do dealers need third party leads? Market Punch gets all the answers from Kevin Frye, eCommerce Director for the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family. Check out past episodes from Market Punch.

Load these podcasts on your phone, MP3 player or computer and take a listen. A podcast can be a nice change of pace if you are used to pouring through documents online while researching the latest trends in the automotive digital marketing world.

We have plenty of resources, both audio and visual, on our website. Check it out for more ways to improve your automotive marketing strategy.