Facebook Removing Verified Badge from Business Pages

Facebook Removing Verified Badge from Business Pages

One method of verifying page authenticity on Facebook will go away starting next week. Facebook announced it’s removing the gray badge currently used to denote a verified business. 

In a note to users, Facebook says, “We’ve found that they [the badges] can be more confusing than helpful, so we’re removing them on October 29.” 

This page verification badge, which had required an application process to receive, helped determine the reliability of the information on the page.

If you have a gray badge on your page, don’t worry — there are plenty of other ways to show page reliability for your dealership in the future.  

What Does This Mean for Auto Dealers?

The gray verification badges were launched in 2015 to mirror the blue verified badges on the pages of public figures and brands. Without these badges, Facebook recommends all page admins to make sure their page is consistently up to date and to post regularly.

Facebook says, “This won’t impact the way the Page appears in search results,” but it is important to have your page in good standing if you’re running ads on Facebook. 

A few tips moving forward to make sure your page meets both Facebook’s and customers’ quality standards: 

  • Check your page settings to make sure you’re categorized correctly. You can select up to three categories in your page settings. 
  • Verify the address on your Facebook page, including the map pin, so people can easily find your dealership. 
  • Make sure your store has both cover and profile photos in place (which is important for page reliability and ad performance). 
  • Link your website to your Facebook page. 
  • Keep your hours updated (which is especially important during the holidays!).

With this change coming, now is a great time to review the setup of your Facebook page to ensure all these measures are all in place. 

What Else Can Dealers Do on Facebook?

We’ve been talking about the decline in organic social efficacy for more than a year now. There’s just so much content being produced, and Facebook has shifted its algorithm to move businesses toward paid ads. 

If you’re not already running paid campaigns on Facebook, now is the time to start. A good place to begin is by reading our eBook on all things Facebook ads for auto dealers. ⬇️

If you get stuck or have a question about Facebook or other digital marketing strategies, we’re always here to help

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