Facebook Plans to Limit Auto Dealers on Marketplace

Facebook Plans to Limit Auto Dealers on Marketplace

The one billion Facebook Marketplace users will soon be harder for dealerships to reach, thanks to a policy change from Facebook.

Beginning Sept. 13, 2021, the tech giant will ban vehicle and home listings that come from partner catalog feeds.

What Does This Mean for Auto Dealers?

Facebook is removing the ability for dealers to automatically feed their inventory into Marketplace, but dealers can still create listings manually via their business pages.

Because Facebook already bans new vehicles from Marketplace, the used vehicle business will feel the impact of this change most.

In addition, auto dealers will still be able to show their new and used inventory in ads and on the vehicles tab on their business page.

These page storefronts are a relatively new feature that Facebook is pushing auto dealers to pursue. (If you need help with setting this up, reach out to 9 Clouds!)

Why is Facebook Making This Change?

In true Facebook fashion, they’re not offering a direct answer. We can surmise, however, a tilt toward the Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) format in their announcement:

You can set up your automotive inventory ads from your dealership Page with your partner catalog. When you set up your ads, you can also leverage the on-Facebook destination, a mobile-optimized shopping experience on the Facebook platform. Automotive inventory ads will continue to be displayed on Marketplace and across other placements on Facebook.

9 Clouds does not recommend using the dealership page to launch ads, because it’s an over-simplified “one size fits all” alternative for real automotive advertising on Facebook. As a more effective solution, we recommend using Facebook Ads Manager since it has many more targeting capabilities for your dealership’s campaigns.

With an AIA catalog in place, dealerships also have a great opportunity to try out the on-Facebook destination, which is a fantastic “non-website” solution to overcome any limitations from the iOS 14 policy.

How Can My Dealership Get Help With Facebook Ads?

If you want automotive Facebook ads to stay the same forever, you’re in the wrong business. These frequent Facebook issues require frequent solutions. That’s why it’s so important to stay informed on Facebook’s policy changes for auto dealers.

Changes from Facebook are nothing new for auto dealers — and we want to help you stay ahead of changes like this one happening on Facebook Marketplace.

In addition to subscribing to this blog, dealership managers and automotive marketers can benefit from a one-on-one consultation from 9 Clouds.

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