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Facebook Graph Search and Google+: Merging Social and Search

google social search

Facebook is big. Many call it a social giant. With over a billion registered users, it deserves that distinction. And it keeps growing — fast. This is nothing new.

But Google+ is growing, too. In fact, studies even say that sharing is growing faster on Google+ than on Facebook.

Google+: Growing, Growing, Gone!

Launched in June 2011, Google+ has been quietly establishing it’s authority. With more than 500 million registered users and 343 million active users, it has been climbing up the ranks and has solidified it’s position as the number two social network, with social giant Facebook claiming first.

Google+ users are 9% more active than Facebook users, and they frequently use Google+ to log in to other websites.

Searchmetrics found that by 2016, assuming current growth rates continue, social sharing on Google+ will exceed that of Facebook.

google+ growing faster than facebook

Social Search

With their new focus on social, search engine giant Google has begun to return searches that include content from user’s social networks, a process known as social search.

If you are unfamiliar with social search, it is the process of using individual’s social media accounts as a basis for search. Instead of only showing links that are relevant to the keyword query, a social search will show social media posts that match that keyword as well.

google social search

For example, if you work at a digital marketing business in Sioux Falls (ahem) and someone searches “digital marketing businesses Sioux Falls,” then social search will show your account and location, assuming you have a social media presence and the individual performing the search is following you.

…and Social Sharing

Searchmetrics  also said that encouraging people to share what they like online is likely a vital part of Google’s strategy to remain the most relevant and speedy search engine of our time.

By encouraging us to share online, Google will be able to build more personalized search results that tie in with user’s social network connections and preferences.

This focus on social search has become a hot new focus not only with Google, but also with Facebook Graph Search, which was released to the public on Monday, July 8. Once two networks focused on two separate and distinct things, Facebook and Google have both begun to incorporate each other’s strengths; social and search.

While Facebook is becoming more search-oriented with Graph Search and Google is becoming more social-oriented with social search results, the two likely aren’t trying to top one-another.

Facebook will (most likely) always be the top personal connections social network, and Google’s forte will remain search.

However, both are realizing the need to incorporate social and search in order to remain relevant and useful for users.

So Why Google+?google+ social search

Considering social and search and the merge of both into the near magical social search, you may still be wondering “why Google+?”

The answer lies in the opportunity. Google+ isn’t the typical social network organized around the who. It’s your social network organized around the what. Content reigns supreme on Google+. And it’s findable, thanks to Google’s magic search powers.

This presents a lot of opportunity to content marketers and anyone trying to establish a presence online. You just need to establish yourself, share your opinion, and contribute to others. You will soon notice your social presence climbing the ranks.

So venture over to Google+, complete your bio, introduce yourself to the world of Google+, connect and engage with other by building up your circles, and share away.

Refer to Google+’s help page and guide to getting started on Google+ for basic questions.

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