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An Intro to Facebook Business Manager for Auto Dealerships

Facebook Business Manager for Auto Dealerships

Is your dealership familiar with Facebook Business Manager?

The digital flurry of incentives, emails, sales numbers, and events at your dealership can cloud your social media presence. If you have more than one person responsible for your social media, it's difficult to keep tabs on your Facebook page and ads.

That's why Facebook created Facebook Business Manager.

Why Does Your Dealership Need Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager securely organizes your dealership's Facebook page (or pages), team members, ad accounts, and more. It's an invaluable tool for dealerships who truly value a stable, secure presence on the world's largest social network.

Facebook Business Manager keeps you focused on your dealership. It serves up everything you need to execute your dealership's Facebook marketing strategy without getting distracted by your personal page, notifications, or news feed.

Plus, Facebook Business Manager gives you more immediate control over your team's page permissions and Facebook ads. As your dealership grows, you can easily add team members and assign assets.

This system also centralizes your Facebook ad accounts so you can keep better tabs on your ad budget, creative, and scheduling.

How Does Facebook Business Manager Work?

Business Manager operates separately from your personal Facebook account. It's a gateway for all of the business-related assets your dealership has on Facebook. All your team members, pages, and ad accounts are in one place — without the distraction of your personal news feed.

As people join or leave your marketing team, you can easily add or remove access to your dealership's page and ad accounts.

Plus, you can also manage multiple Facebook pages from within one Business Manager account. This is perfect for dealerships with multiple brands or dealerships who are part of dealer groups.

Business Manager also allows agencies like us to keep tabs on our team members, clients, and ad accounts all in one spot.

Organizing your dealership's Facebook assets like this allows you to focus on creating awesome Facebook ads, engaging more of your dealership's fans, and growing a positive reputation.

How Should My Dealership Get Started with Facebook Business Manager?

Visit business.facebook.com to set up a new Facebook Business Manager account. As an admin, you can “claim” or “request access to” any business pages or ad accounts associated with your dealership. You can also launch brand-new pages or ad accounts from within Business Manager.

After your dealership's account is up and running, your team members can create their own personal accounts (also at business.facebook.com), and then you can invite them to join your dealership's Business Manager account. Once they have access, you can assign them to pages or ad accounts.

Learn More About Facebook Marketing With 9 Clouds

We've written before about the many benefits of Facebook Business Manager for auto dealerships. 9 Clouds is ready to help you make it part of your digital marketing strategy.

Take the next step: sign up for our upcoming webinar series, Facebook Advertising for Auto Dealers. Whether you're a beginner or a pro at Facebook ads, this free webinar series is packed with useful insights, lessons, case studies, and tips for your dealership to find success on this powerful platform.