Facebook Ads Webinar Series

Facebook Ads Webinar Series

Intro to Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are the most cost-effective way to attract new customers.

Unlike Google AdWords or traditional ads, Facebook allows you to target ads to the exact people you want to talk to in your community. If you are an auto dealer, you can even target ads to people driving the vehicles you want to conquest.

Learning to harness a variety of ad types on Facebook will help you attract new customers — and keep current ones.

In this four-part webinar series, Scott Meyer of 9 Clouds will take a step-by-step approach to building Facebook ads that convert. While this series will use examples in the automotive industry, the lessons can be applied to any company or industry.

Plus, registrants for any session will be given access to all webinar recordings, plus our Facebook ads course, to help you continue to improve long after the webinars are complete.

Facebook Ads Webinar Sessions

March 8: Creating and Measuring Facebook Ads (Beginner Level)

Learn how to set up a Facebook business account, install a tracking pixel on your website, and manage a large number of ads and ad types using Facebook Power Editor. This includes an introduction to creating lead ads, retargeting ads, Instagram ads, video promotion ads, and more.

This session is perfect for beginners or auto dealers who know how to use social media, but who are ready to do more than simply boost a post on Facebook.


March 11: Targeting Ads Demographically (Intermediate Level)

Learn how to find new customers based on specific details (like the cars they drive) as well as other demographic information (like their age, gender, and interests). We will look at what makes a high-converting Facebook ad and where your ads should send visitors.

This session is perfect for marketers who are already using Facebook ads, but who want to improve their conversions.


March 15: Targeting Facebook Ads by Email, Address, and Custom Audience (Advanced Level)

Facebook ads are most successful when you target them to specific buyers. Using email lists and address lists, you can make your ads show up only to those ready to buy (or people like them). This cuts the cost and increases the conversion of your online ads.

Learn to perform advanced targeting in this session, along with the best ways to combine your CRM and Facebook ads for the biggest results.

This session is perfect for skilled Facebook marketers who are ready to use the latest features from the Facebook ad platform. You will be the only one in town using these techniques, so make sure to attend!


March 17: Generating Facebook Leads, Connecting Facebook Ads to a CRM, and Measuring Facebook Ad ROI (Advanced Level)

A Facebook click brings a buyer to your site, but a name and number enables your sales team to actually talk to the buyer.

In this session, learn how to connect Facebook lead ads with your CRM so that your sales team can follow up with leads. We will also look at how to best measure Facebook ad ROI by connecting with your CRM. At the end of this session, you will know the exact value of a Facebook lead and how to budget for the best ROI.

This session is a must-attend for all skill levels, as it will help you show measurable results from Facebook ads in your analytics and CRM.


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