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[eBook] Millennials: Getting the Most Out of a Uniquely Ambitious Generation

9 Clouds Guide to Millennial Workers

Millennials are just the worst, right? 

This generation is filled with entitled, self-centered “workers” who are draining the economy as they sit in offices (or worse, coffee shops), tweeting to pull a salary. 

Okay, that's pretty harsh, but it's also a very real opinion some people hold about millennials. And we couldn't disagree more.

We disagree so much, in fact, that we wrote a whole eBook about it

As a company founded and run by (mostly) millennials, that's probably no surprise. But even if we weren't a part of this reviled generation, we'd stand by our belief that millennials are some of the most valuable people in the workforce right now.

You just have to know how to manage them.

Passion and Potential

Baby boomers were shaped by war. Gen Xers fought against their parents' notions, opting for stability and inclusion. But millennials grew up in a time where balance and purpose were vital above all else.

This generation isn't married to their job, but when millennials find a career they're passionate about — watch out. They will thrive in ways you can't imagine.

We put this eBook together to help managers and leaders understand the power of the young workforce. In Millennials: Getting the Most of a Uniquely Ambitious Generationyou'll learn:

  • How millennials want to be treated in the workplace
  • How to pay millennials with interest-based compensation
  • Why flexibility is key with millennial workers
  • How to inspire millennials
  • How to talk to millennials about the future

Download this free eBook to start learning about what makes the millennial generation different from those nasty rumors you hear on the news.

We hope these tips help you reach out to future millennial employees. Don't let misconceptions stand in the way of a positive experience!