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[eBook] Before the Form: Predictive Analytics for Auto Sales

Customers no longer tell us when they are ready to buy, they show us they are ready to buy with their online behavior.

Watching and listening to customers' online behavior unlocks powerful opportunities to predict customers' future behavior and increase your sales. This concept is called predictive analytics.

Stores that use predictive analytics are able to identify leads, (even if they don't fill out a form), double email open and click rates and increase sales fulfillment by 9.4%. Learn how you, too, can unlock the power of your customer data in our new eBook, Predictive Analytics for Auto Dealers.

In this eBook, learn how to:Screenshot-2015-04-29-at-1.32.19-PM

  • Use predictive analytics to increase sales and service customers
  • Use CRM data to predict if a customer is ready to buy
  • Double email open and click rates
  • Increase sale quota fulfillment

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And don't worry about being “in over your head” if predictive analytics sounds like French to you. Translating technical concepts, such as predictive analytics, to easy-to-understand terminology is a major focus in this eBook.