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[Ebook] 22-Step Blueprint to Winning a Local Election (or Marketing Campaign)

Scott Meyer Campaign | 22-Step Blueprint to Winning a Local Election

One year ago, I took the leap and ran for city council in my hometown of Brookings, South Dakota. I learned through trial and error what worked and what didn’t.

In the end, I ran a $2,000 campaign in a city of 23,000 people, and I won the election — while increasing voter turnout from an average of 20% to 26%. Not bad for a local election with no national or state issues on the ballot.

Through the process of the campaign, I realized that the techniques that were at the heart of a successful political campaign are the exact same tactics that also drive a successful marketing campaign.

These tactics are now available for you in an eBook: The 22-Step Blueprint to Winning a Local Election (Or Marketing Campaign).

The World Needs Your Ideas. Here's How to Share Them.

Convincing someone to vote (and vote for you) is not much different from persuading someone to pay attention to you, purchase your product, or sign up for your service.

Plus, starting and marketing your business often feel as daunting as running a political campaign.

Our communities depend on the leadership of these brave politicians and business owners. The more voices that participate, the better our communities are.

22-Step Blueprint to Winning a Local Election (or Marketing Campaign)Despite the importance of these roles, it’s not easy for someone to run for office or take the leap to start a business.

There is no playbook on how to run a shoestring campaign or startup business. The idea of a campaign feels intimidating — scary enough to frighten away the potential leaders that our communities need.

Thus, the eBook: The 22-Step Blueprint for Winning a Local Election (or Marketing Campaign).

Using examples from my experience as a local elected official and entrepreneur, this blueprint will show you how to run a successful campaign to help you move your ideas into action.

There are three ways to read the eBook:

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