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Dynamic Data Mining with Auto Alerts + 9 Clouds

Dynamic data mining provides your dealership with the potential customers that are most likely to buy. This increases sales conversion rates and sales quota fulfillment.

Dealers can augment the services provided by AutoAlert, the nation's leading data mining software for auto dealers, with dynamic data mining from an agency like 9 Clouds. This service provides the personal follow-up needed to close deals and the contextual information about a lead that empowers your sales team to call the most qualified leads.

Data Mining with Auto Alerts

AutoAlert bills itself as a “data mining, lead generation software.” It offers three cores services:

  • Alerts for customers who can upgrade or save money with incentives (called Alert and Flex Alert)
  • Alerts for key milestones in a customer's lifecycle based on behavior (called Service Alert and Mileage Alert)
  • Alerts for key milestones in a customer's lifecycle based on historic data (called Contract End Alert and Warranty Alert)

Alerts for upgrades or money-saving opportunities combine a customer's record with current lease prices and incentives. In other words, they combine historic data with vehicle data.

Alerts for key milestones based on behavior combine historic data with service data.

Alerts for key milestones based on historic data look at, you guessed it, the customer's historic data.

When customers fit any of these categories, they are flagged in the dealer's CRM, and sales reps receive an alert to contact the customer. AutoAlert can also send a templated email to these customers, depending on the level of software the dealer purchases.

This knowledge is a great first step for a salesperson. Knowing a customer's historic information is important for when they might be ready to purchase again. However, AutoAlert does not provide dynamic behavioral data or personal follow-up. That is where 9 Clouds comes in.

Dynamic Data Mining with 9 Clouds

9 Clouds takes AutoAlert's notification feature two steps further:

Lead Monitoring

First, 9 Clouds monitors what a lead or previous customer is doing online. If someone looked at a specific used vehicle three times, it make sense to assume they are interested in that vehicle. This lead tracking is especially powerful when combined with AutoAlert's data mining.

AutoAlert provides the initial list of customers who could move into a new lease or who are approaching key mileage milestones. Then, 9 Clouds looks at that list and further segments it to the leads who are showing interest online.

This highly targeted and qualified lead list helps sales reps know exactly who to call, what to promote and how to talk to the customer on the phone or in an email.

Personal Follow-up

The lead tracking 9 Clouds provides often generates too many leads for a sales rep to actually follow up with. When that happens, 9 Clouds provides personalized follow-up for the individual customer.

As opposed to AutoAlert's generic follow-up, 9 Clouds can contact the customers by emailing them, running social media ads and even changing the dealer's website to focus on the exact vehicle the lead was looking at. These follow-up messages have one clear goal: get the lead to visit the website and alert the sales rep about the lead the moment they are on the website.

Getting a lead on the phone can be a challenge. People are often tied up in meetings or away from their phones. However, if a sales rep knows the second someone is looking at a vehicle, they can call that lead immediately, knowing that they are already at their computer or on their phone, browsing inventory.

Example of Dynamic Data Mining

Combining AutoAlert and 9 Clouds has produced staggering results.

In one example, 9 Clouds used AutoAlert's list of customers who can upgrade or save money for a single-point Mercedes-Benz dealership. The leads who matched the Alert and Flex Alerts were sent a personalized email. That email resulted in a 53% open rate and a 5% click rate.

All of the customers who clicked on the email were monitored and delivered directly to their sales rep for immediate follow-up.

Are AutoAlert and 9 Clouds Redundant?

Both AutoAlert and 9 Clouds can be used independently, with reduced success.

AutoAlert will not provide personalized follow-up or dynamic data mining. 9 Clouds will not provide service or vehicle data, but we will provide historic and dynamic data mining. Our previous work shows the power of combining AutoAlert with 9 Clouds.

You can start with 9 Clouds even if you don't have AutoAlert. Our case studies show the power of our inbound marketing and dynamic data mining methodology.

Get Started

Ready to try dynamic data mining? We offer a 30-day audit in which we:

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  • Identify opportunities
  • Rank you against your competitors
  • Highlight the most important keywords for your store
  • Provide dynamic and historic data mining
  • Deliver qualified leads to your sales team

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