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Driving Sales – Resources for Social Media Data Mining

I had the pleasure of speaking at Driving Sales Canada. Whether you attended or couldn't make it, I wanted to share the resources from my presentation.

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Build a Social Media List of Current Customers

Send Customers Social Media Messages (and track who engages)

  • Use bit.ly to make a unique link for each social media message. Then track who engages and send that name to the sales team

Run Targeted Facebook Ads to New Customers and Find New Customers

Post Content for Key Audiences

Measuring ROI with Analytics and Data

  • Create goals on Google (learn how from Google or Conversion XL)
  • Create a list of sales from your CRM, compare it to your social list via marketing automation or manually on social media lists
  • Create a list of sales from your CRM and compare it to the list of people you have sent links to on social or emails
  • Find averages in different segments (this ebook on Delicious Data will help you do that)


The Gods favor the bold. Go out there and be bold. Let us know if we can help.


PS – I'll post the talk here as soon as it is ready!