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DrawnTown Sioux Falls Cloud Control

Inbound Marketing in Sioux Falls, SD

A big thank you to DrawnTown Sioux Falls (DTSF) Edition 8 for hosting this episode of Cloud Control. DTSF is a monthly get-together on the second Tuesday of every month of local artists and art hobbyists. This month’s edition was held at Fresh Produce Headquarters.

Nerd Front

Google Buzz – Google Buzz is a social tool embedded into your Gmail interface. Much like Twitter and FriendFeed, Buzz is a constant stream of content (including pictures, links, and videos) from people you choose to follow. New updates show up in an inbox of sorts located directly below your email inbox. There is also a geo-based element of Buzz to compete with apps such as Foursquare and GoWalla.

Foursquare BlackBerry – In their constant effort to gain a massive dedicated base of users, Foursquare has just released a BlackBerry App. With the release of this app, Foursquare is basically accessible from every smart phone. Foursquare has also been teaming up with media outlets to connect the online world with physical experience.

Facebook – Facebook has been talking about getting into the email game. We know that Facebook wants to be considered a competitor of Google, and building an email platform is proof that Facebook and Google may be in direct competition soon.

Local Front

Kiel M (I dare you to spell his last name without assistance) – DTSF Ed. 8 had an explosion of participants this month while being held at the Fresh Produce Headquarters. It’s not just for artists, it’s a social gathering surrounded by creativity and conversation. You’ll see every medium and plenty of non-artists writing, typing, and talking each month.

What’s On Your Mind?

Do you use factory settings on your new tech tools, or do you customize everything to your personal style? There’s a reason for factory settings, but you might want to play around and find a way to maximize your personal use of new tech.

Sharing and Collaborating are huge parts of every business and there is a wide range of communication tools coming out that can help your business succeed. Internal communication helps everything run smoothly. What do you think? Could you completely shut down your office and maintain productivity?

Question of the Week: What is your favorite web app or tool that makes your job easier?

Drop us a tweet or leave a comment below and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Until next time, have a great week.