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Digital Dealer 21 Preview: Advanced Facebook Ads

Digital Dealer 21

Facebook Ads – Tuesday, August 9th

Digital Dealer is the conference where the digital nerds come out of the woodwork. So, of course, you can look for me there August 8-9th in Las Vegas, NV.

This year, I will be speaking on Tuesday morning in room 120 on Advanced Facebook Ads. I am excited about this one.

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The Advanced Side of Facebook Ads for Auto Dealers

You are probably familiar with Facebook ads. We have talked about them at length, created a free eBook about them, offer Facebook ads as a service to clients and even launched an online Facebook bootcamp so you can teach yourself how to create them.

At Digital Dealer, I will be going straight into the deep end to share:

  • How to use advanced targeting including Polk data and credit score indicators
  • How to market based on CRM data such as days until last lease payment, miles driven or days since purchase
  • How to connect Facebook Lead Ads with your CRM to follow-up in a targeted way and see conversion for specific customers
  • How to create dynamic inventory ads on Facebook, so ads change with price and detail updates to your inventory

Dynamic Inventory Facebook Ads for Automotive Dealers

I'm most excited about that last one. Never before have I talked about the possibility behind dynamic inventory ads. We have been exploring it for our clients, and now I'm ready to share what it means for the auto world. (Spoiler alert: it's the next evolution of Facebook ads for auto dealers.)

The average American spends 40+ minutes a day on Facebook. The reach and surgical targeting of Facebook continue to improve. I can't wait to dive in with fellow nerds and automotive marketers to uncover what that means for our industry.

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