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Digital Content Creators: Download our Free eBook

Digital content can be shared via Outbrain.

Are you looking to find a massive audience for your digital content?

Content distribution networks are an awesome way to get bunches of impressions at a low cost. You can expose your blog posts and articles to a huge audience without breaking the bank.

We explored content distribution networks because we thought you would like to know more about them. We started our own account with Outbrain (one of the two largest content distribution networks around) and created a free eBook with tips and tricks to help you create a campaign of your own.

Our Content Distribution Tips and Tricks eBook includes:

  • What are content distribution networks?: A brief definition of content distribution and discussion of the two main networks, Taboola and Outbrain.
  • Our experiment with Outbrain: Insider knowledge about Outbrain based on our experience with the platform, along with information about how to set up your own campaign.
  • Tips and tricks for content distribution: How to optimize your campaign and use Outbrain to grow your audience.
  • What can Outbrain do for your business (and what can't it do)?: How can you leverage the content juggernaut for your business?
  • Are there disadvantages to content distribution?: What are the pitfalls of using these networks to share your content?

Sharing our content distribution network marketing secrets…madness, right?

But at 9 Clouds, we believe in spreading the good news. That's why you should download our Content Distribution Tips and Tricks eBook. You'll learn everything you need to know to get started on this marketing platform today.

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