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Dealing with Millennials: How to Reach Young Customers

Getting your drivers license is a rite of passage in the Midwest. A lot of us — myself included — start driving at 14 in a hand-me-down car.

That childhood car doesn’t last forever, though. Mine made it through college and a couple years beyond, but after that it was time for an upgrade.

The New Search

Little did I know then, but committing to the search for a new car was the start of my Buyer’s Journey.

This was a prime time for dealers to swoop in and woo me as a customer. 

Not through traditional means, though. Millennial buyers are looking for answers where we do most things: online. You’ve got to have a digital presence to reach these potential buyers.

I started my process by posting on social media: “I think it’s time for a new car. Where do I even start – suggestions??”

I heard back from friends mostly, people who are by no means experts on car buying.

Use Your Expertise

Dealers, you are the expert, and if you want to get in touch with millennial buyers, you’ve got to start doing it with inbound marketing.

Consider creating a list in Twitter for all the people in your area tweeting about ‘car problems’ or ‘time for a new car.’ When you see someone who’s realizing they’ve got a problem, you should be ready with some online engagement.


You could tweet this person a link to a blog post — think ‘5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Car’ or ‘Which is Better: Purchase or Lease.’ It's not a direct sales pitch; it's useful information.

This speaks to the millennial buyer because it’s on a platform we’re comfortable with and it’s in a format we appreciate.

Another way to get in touch with your Generation Y shoppers is through Facebook ads. Those can be targeted to reach specific audiences within the 1.4 billion people logging on the social media giant.

Facebook ads reach your customer on their laptop, but also on their phone, which means you can catch a person's attention when they're at any stage of the Buyer's Journey.

When I was car shopping, I did hear back from one dealership — with a letter. That’s a traditional marketing trick that doesn’t quite work with younger buyers.

Build a Lasting Relationship

Your digital presence will have mileage with future generations, too.

Today’s 14-year-olds certainly aren’t buying new cars, but they are online. A powerful social media presence can make your brand a part of the driving tradition for years to come.

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