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Content Distribution Networks Drive Heavy Traffic

Use content distribution networks to drive website traffic.

If you browse the Internet often, you've seen content distribution networks in action.

“Click here to find out why Kim Kardashian wore a pink dress to her brother's knighting ceremony.”

“What are 10 ways you can live for 39 more years?”

Such headlines and attention-grabbing photos are commonly found at the bottom of news stories or articles around the web. Content distribution networks such as Outbrain and Taboola are the driving force behind these cleverly placed ads that grab your attention and implore you to click.

Increasing engagement

Seer Interactive took these services for a test drive and discovered that content distribution networks excel at increasing web traffic and converting customers. In one experiment, Seer used Taboola to promote content from a prominent B2B company on popular sites such as CNN Money and Entrepreneur. The results were remarkable.

In less than a month, the campaign achieved 8,348 clicks, with a conversion rate of 2.31 percent and 205 goal completions. For $2,670, that's an exceptional ROI. Another Seer campaign garnered an astonishing amount of residual traffic from an experiment using five landing pages, which saw 15,540 visits during the six weeks after the campaign ended.

So how can your business leverage these content juggernauts, which draw millions of clicks per day?


“Content you might like”

Taboola's mission is to “help publishers monetize their content and drive higher engagement” and “enable brands to surface their content to the right audience at-scale.”

Outbrain, which calls itself the “world's largest content discovery platform,” seeks to “delight readers, create revenue, drive engagement and breed consumer insight.”

These companies offer two main services.

1. Drive Traffic

You can pay Taboola to distribute your digital content through a network that features 550 million unique monthly visitors across hundreds of publisher sites including NBC News, Business Insider, USA Today, Chicago Tribune and The Weather Channel. Outbrain, which is featured on CNN.com, Slate, ESPN.com and more, touts monthly global traffic of 561 million. The distribution networks drive visitors to your website by placing your content in highly trafficked areas.

2. Monetize Content

Your other option is to actually generate revenue rather than spend money. This process works in reverse. You are compensated in exchange for displaying outside content on your own site. However, you won't qualify for the monetization option unless your site receives heavy traffic, as the distribution networks require a minimum of monthly pageviews.

Can your business use these tools?

These content distribution networks will promote links to any website. Be warned, however, that you will be required to spend a monthly minimum of anywhere from $2,000-$5,000, depending on the features you choose. However, if you can afford it, content distribution networks can be a very wise use of marketing dollars. Unlike print or broadcast advertising, these types of services offer concrete analytical information, so you know what you are getting for your money. The networks will also display related content items from your site, using algorithmic formulas to decipher where to display them.

Get Started

Start by investigating the minimum monthly spend via the Taboola and/or Outbrain websites (or contact the companies via email or phone). Then decide whether you have a sufficient marketing budget to utilize the content distribution services. If you do, prepare your best content (including links and images) and contact one of the companies to begin your campaign. Note that Taboola and Outbrain are two of the largest networks – a Google search will produce other options which may be cheaper.

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