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What Is A Company Manifesto?


The word “manifesto” packs a certain punch. Just the perfect amount of punch to spread your company’s mission – externally and internally.

A company manifesto is a brief statement(s) that proclaim the company's intentions and mission. It can be one short phrase or over a dozen bullet points. There are no set rules about creating a manifesto. It is what you want to make of it.

Ultimately, creating this written statement about your company provides clarity–clarity for those who work within the company, and clarity for customers or community members who interact with the company.

Rallying The Team

At 9 Clouds, we created a manifesto to help chart a cohesive path. In the past couple years, our company has pivoted its business model and hired a few new faces. We needed clarity internally for our team to keep growing and moving forward.

Narrowing down our beliefs to our top five, we created the 9 Clouds manifesto. Having a manifesto gives the team something to rally behind and find common ground no matter what project is on deck. It also helps new hires understand the company better, while directing current employees back to the company’s core.

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Sharing With The World

For external purposes, Lululemon says it best: “Get to know our manifesto and learn a little more about what lights our fire.” A manifesto is not about bragging rights or show and tell. It’s a window for the outside world to understand what drives your company. What brings you to work everyday? Why do you do what you do? Those are broad questions, but every company has a unique answer that differentiates its mission. A manifesto puts that unique mission in writing for the world to see.

A manifesto also holds your company accountable to those statements. At 9 Clouds, one of our central tenets is believing the best way to sell is to teach. If we are not upholding that statement, our clients and community have the ability to call us out and help us get back on track.

Are You Ready For A Manifesto?

Creating and posting a manifesto is a big commitment. Your company must have some humility in order to share its vision not only with employees but with the world. It’s one of the most personal and transparent things a company can do.

If you need a little nudge getting started, the Word Chef and 99u both provide some great guidelines for creating a manifesto.