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Cloud Control at 30 Thousand Feet

[podcast format=”video”]http://media.libsyn.com/media/cloudcontrol/Cloud_Control_at_30_Thousand_Feet.m4a[/podcast]

Cloud Control has officially joined the Mile High Club…of podcasting. If nobody is going to use First Class to fly, we’ll take the opportunity (well…maybe) to get you your latest and greatest from the Nerd Front, Local Front and What’s On Our Mind for the highest podcast we’ve recorded to date.

Nerd Front

Apple iPad – The speculation is over, Apple’s Tablet has arrived and it’s called the iPad. Now that it’s out there, the internet is buzzing with opinions – what’s your opinion? Scott thinks the AT&T coverage is a deal breaker and John thinks it is a giant iPod Touch…but it should successfully destroy the Kindle. (note from the editor: The $499 iPad does not have 3G coverage and a data plan is not required. Models with a data plan cost an additional $130, but all iPads will have wi-fi access).

Google’s Social Search – Google has been playing with Social Search for awhile, and they are rolling out some brand new settings that allow you to search pretty much anything your network has posted to the internet. It works through Google Profiles (where you can connect additional profiles), so the search will be optimized if your network is using Google Profiles pretty heavily.

Local Front

Twitter Local Trends – Twitter rolled out local trending this week and it has some room for refinement, but the possibilities are pretty neat. Only major cities around the world are currently listed for local trends, but the ability to segment will provide some useful insight into what communities find interesting.

The Post SD redesign – Depending on when you click this link, the Post SD may or may not be updated, but it soon will be equipped to provide much more user-generated content than before. I can’t give too much away, because you’ll have to check it out for the ful experience. Have fun.

What’s On Your Mind?

Disney really is the most magical place on Earth, and they’ve gained that reputation by creating an incredible user AND employee experience. Happy employees make happy guests. What kind of culture does your business have?

The early-mover phenomenon is huge in the tech community and we saw it come out to play during this week’s Apple announcements. Remember: Technology doesn’s get socially interesting until it becomes technologically boring. Which kinds of technology do you think will maintain or grow its value that are just getting popular today?

As always, we thank you for stopping by and we’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the subjects we’ve mentioned or anything you want to talk about. We shope everybody has a great weekend and makes the most of the week ahead.