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[Case Study] How to Optimize Facebook Ads for Auto Dealers


When it comes to choosing links for automotive Facebook ads, our clients are torn.

Some clients like their Facebook ads to link to search results pages (SRPs), so auto leads can scroll through a range of vehicles to find the one they want. Other clients want to link to vehicle detail pages (VDPs), so their store can highlight specific vehicles they want to sell.

But what do auto shoppers actually want to see when they click on your social ads?

You can't know until you put the options side by side.

We recently ran a mass A/B test to measure the engagement of leads who landed on SRPs compared with those who landed on VDPs after clicking a Facebook ad.

Here's what we found out — and a look at why it's so important to run A/B tests at your dealership.

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Why A/B Test Facebook Ads for Auto Dealers?

Using the scientific method, A/B testing allows marketers to analyze how making small changes to content (such as Facebook ads) affects their success. You can A/B test different copy, pictures, and more.

By making sure two ads are identical save for one variable, you can feel confident that the data differences you find are resulting from the one aspect you chose to test.

AB Testing Facebook Ads for Auto Dealers

Image credit: ConversionXL

Basically, A/B testing helps you answer questions about Facebook ads for auto dealers, so you can make the best campaigns possible.

Before conducting our experiment, we all had different opinions on the best way to link auto inventory ads. But only by putting the two options head-to-head could we start to gather real evidence to inform our tactics.

What Did We Learn About Facebook Inventory Ads?

Working with a multitude of automotive dealerships, we ran a mass A/B test on Facebook ads to determine whether better engagement comes from linking to specific VDPs or general SRPs.

Using our favorite type of Facebook ad for auto dealers — the carousel ad — we created pairs of identical ads, with the only change being the pages where people would land after clicking. Then, using Google Analytics, we measured who stayed on the website the longest, who viewed more pages, and who quickly closed the window.

Want to know what we learned? Check out the results of this Facebook ad research study by clicking the button below. (You can also read more case studies here.)