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A Business Manifesto: Stand Out, Stand Up in a Noisy Digital World

Plant your flag and proclaim what your business believes. Stand out with this rebellious act, attract customers, retain talent and live up to your beliefs.

Discover and share your beliefs by creating a manifesto in today's article and our “How to Create a Manifesto” ebook.

Stand for Something

A business should not try to please everyone. Instead, it should stand for something. It should be “weird.

Today, anything can be delivered to your front door in two days. It is nearly impossible to compete on price or speed. Instead, businesses need to compete on belief.

When a customer knows the store owner and wants to support them and their vision, they will shop at that store, even if it takes a little longer or costs a little more. When customers know what a business believes, a beautiful thing happens: those that agree become loyal evangelists, those that disagree naturally go elsewhere.

No one wants to lose customers, but saying no to customers that are not a good fit for your business actually helps. It enables your business to focus on being the best at the specific product or service you offer to fellow believers.

Creating a Manifesto

The best way to share your company's beliefs internally to employees and externally to potential customers is through a manifesto. A manifesto is the short summation of your company's beliefs that can easily be shared and understood.

We recently went through the process of codifying our beliefs in the 9 Clouds manifesto. This process was instrumental in helping our employees agree on why we come to work. This shared vision provides a blueprint for decision-making. If an idea or potential client doesn't align with our beliefs, we can say no. This focus helps us create work that matters.

The manifesto also helps 9 Clouds keep talented employees. We can hire people who align with our beliefs and work with colleagues who are passionate about the same ideals as the rest of the team.

The 9 Clouds Manifesto

We believe you can live anywhere and work everywhere.

Your background and experiences shape who you are but do not limit your potential. Whether in Brookings or Brooklyn, you can connect with customers and collaborators online. Share your unique perspective, and you will stand out, regardless of where you live or what you do.

We believe in transparent services based on data.

We are transparent with our clients about the work we are doing on their behalf. There is no silver bullet in marketing. It is about testing, learning and adjusting our marketing tactics based on the data that results.

We believe the best way to sell is to teach.

We call it inbound marketing, and it's the basis of all the services we provide. Sharing insight and expertise is not optional; instead, it is a gateway to new business relationships. Placing education at the core of our services builds trust and helps attract the right customers.

We believe everyone has an equal opportunity to be heard.

Good ideas, good businesses, good projects and good changes all start with a core of equality. Whether it's online or offline, everyone should have a chance to share their unique perspective with the world. Your thoughts are important – no matter who, what why or where you are.

We believe in building and supporting a community with digital resources.

A strong community is good for business and personal growth. A community grows faster with use of digital resources. We create resources that help identify and build communities regardless of size, budget or location.

Using a Manifesto

Your manifesto is your call to arms. Don't just create it, use it to drive business.

Our manifesto is the first link on our website. At the bottom of the manifesto we challenge the reader: “Do you believe what we believe? If so, we should work together.”

Challenge anyone who reads your manifesto. If they believe in your mission, ask them to do something to further the cause. It might be working with you, sharing the manifesto or applying to work with you.

Be Unique – Create Work that Matters

A manifesto is the best way to stand out in a noisy, crowded digital world.

Embrace your business' uniqueness. Stand out and stand for something. Most importantly, share that belief with the world.

Doing so will attract talent, create work that matters and grow a business for passionate supporters.

Write your Manifesto

Looking to write a manifesto? Download our free guide to writing a manifesto for help getting started.

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