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Bring All Your Data Into One Place with Marketing Automation

Consolidating Data

The auto industry is full of data; top selling cars, financing, inventory movement, customer data and the list goes on and on. The problem is that all this data lives all over the place reducing it’s usefulness and relevancy.

Your dealership can bring all your data into one place and unlock its potential with marketing automation.

Variety of Automotive Data

Auto dealers are fortunate to have a variety of data at their disposal. The problem is it likely lives in several different platforms:

  • DMS
  • CRM
  • Website Management
  • Ads Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Email Marketing

There is useful data in all of these platforms but because they are all individual entities, the data often gets forgotten, ignored or lost. Nobody has time to check the platforms as often as they should be checked so that means the analysis of the data becomes even lower priority.

That’s where marketing automation can help. It brings data from across platforms together into one place to help you get the full picture of your dealership’s leads, customers and marketing. This reduces the amount of time it takes to understand the data and allows personalized marketing as a result.

Getting the Full Picture

Marketing automation is software that sends the right message, to the right people, in the right place at the right time. Data from many different entities can be imported into marketing automation software. Bringing all the data together, allows you to see the complete picture and execute strategic marketing accordingly.

For example, combining DMS and CRM information allows you to combine when a customer’s lease is up and their payment amount with who their salesperson is and how long it has been since they visited the store. Layer website data on top of that and you can see what that customer has been looking at most recently on your website. Sending automatic lease expiration reminder emails at scheduled times and empowering the salesperson with the profile information will make the likelihood of an efficient and successful sales process much higher.

Instead of looking at just one of the sets of data, you paint a complete picture of your contact and you can execute tailored marketing through the marketing automation software and empower the salesperson as a result.

Using the Data to Sell More Vehicles

Let’s dig into how you can market better with data.

For leads, you get a better idea of what they are looking for in a vehicle and make sure the marketing they receive from you is focused around that vehicle. Someone who was interested in a Ford Focus likely won’t be interested in the great Ford F-350 pickup truck offer you have right now. Don’t send it to them! Don’t make your emails seem like SPAM by sending them messages that aren’t relevant to them. You have the data; use it!

For current customers, you can send them car anniversary emails that remind them to get their vehicle serviced. You can start to promote current inventory to customers who are nearing the end of their current lease. Customers who were advised to buy new tires but didn’t can be made aware of your latest tire special.

The possibilities are endless when you combine data with marketing automation software. Don’t SPAM your list! Send them the message they are waiting to hear.

Get Started with Marketing Automation

At 9 Clouds, we are believers in the power of marketing automation. We believe in it so strongly, we won’t do work for our clients without it.

Interested in learning how marketing automation can help you unlock the potential of your data? Contact us to schedule time to chat about your current marketing and how automation software could make it more efficient and effective. If you want to dive in, try a 30 day demo of marketing automation.