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Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations – South Dakota Innovation Expo Style

Last week was a busy week for the crew here at 9 Clouds. We spent Wednesday at the Innovation Expo and completed our first company Hackathon which took up Thursday afternoon and Friday. Hopefully we will find time to write about the Hackathon in coming weeks.

The Innovation Expo brought together people interested in continuing to build the start-up community and entrepreneurial spirit in the area.

As I thought about how best to summarize my thoughts on the event, I decided to post three of my favorite quotes from each keynote speaker. I love quotes because every person can interpret them and hear them in a different way. I hope one or many is thought-provoking for you.

Brian Gramm, Peppermint Energy

  1. “Crowdfunding is not about the funds, it’s about the knowledge.”
  2. “Kickstarter is not a land of free money. It’s a community.”
  3. “Celebrate people who fail. They learned more than guys who never got off the couch.”

Darius Monsef “Bubs”, Colour Lovers

  1. “Cleverness is solving complex problems with simple solutions.”
  2. “Accept coexistence, not balance.”
  3. “Real wealth equals a great quality of life for me.”

Dan Martell, Clarity

  1. “Motivation matters more than knowledge.”
  2. “If you haven’t said, how can I be helpful today, you don’t get it. Hustle to help.”
  3. “A venture capitalist doesn’t have a job if you don’t create value.”