Tapping Into Company Culture for Automotive Marketing

Tapping Into Company Culture for Automotive Marketing

There’s something to be said about being nice.

Behind that word is an effort to make people happy. It’s about keeping the relationship with the other person top of mind.

Of course, that’s what you want as an automotive dealer. What’s great about focusing on being nice in business is how it translates to your automotive marketing strategy.

By keeping your customers top of mind, you can consistently focus on automotive digital marketing strategies that make sense for your car buyers. What a fantastic dialogue that creates! You listen to their needs and volley back with the content they want.

More and more car buying decisions are being made before ever stepping foot on a dealership’s lot. The relationship between you and your customers is built on the trust you’ve created and on the information available to them.

If your automotive marketing strategy and company culture don’t help build that relationship, it’s time for a change.

Be a Trusted Partner

My previous employers placed a heavy focus on your job being your “best job ever,” which always struck me as an interesting stance. If it wasn’t, they wanted to know why. The company took our feedback and offered training to help us succeed. By supporting us in this way, the company ran a highly engaged operation.

Telling your employees that you’re there for them creates an environment where your employees can focus 100% on customers.

In this type of company culture, there’s a common thread of support. You can apply this to your automotive digital marketing. Be an outstanding business that continues to put your customers first, and word will travel.

You want to have a presence, both digitally and in your community. When automotive digital marketing is most successful, it helps bridge that gap.

Be Intentional about Your Partnerships

Part of a healthy automotive marketing strategy is about intention.

We know the type of partnerships we want to have. That’s why we partner with a fantastic group of clients who match our ideals.

The same can be done with your automotive customers. It’s easy to say a car is for sale, but by allowing your dealership’s personality to shine, the right type of customer will find you.

Stay in Touch

One of the reasons I love inbound marketing so much is that it isn’t one-sided. You’re not trying to yell into the ether what you think your customers want to hear. You don’t have to yell the loudest — you just have to say the right things.

Be nice. Automotive marketing should invest in a culture that fosters this behavior. Invest in niceness, and watch it transform your automotive digital marketing strategy.