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Auto Dealers: Improve Your SEO With Video Content

Everyone familiar with digital marketing knows the power of SEO. Those three letters determine the overall fate of your online success in a lot of ways.

Many dealerships focus on creating written content — landing pages and blog posts — to boost their SEO score, but that’s not the only path to the first search page.

Video content is just as important for your auto dealership.

Work with Google's Rules

Google uses about 200 ranking factors in their algorithm. Not all of those are in your control, but there are quite a few elements you can use to boost content quality.

Multimedia — not just videos, but photos as well — act as a signal to the algorithm that you’re offering high quality content. A video signifies effort on your part to provide the user with valuable information.

You can take your video power a step further by embedding your YouTube content, rather than hosting it yourself. Google owns YouTube, so it gives those videos preferential treatment on search engine results pages. Sure, it’s not entirely fair, but the search giant wants to see each of its platforms succeed.

It’s Google’s world, we’re just living in it.

Search is Universal

A decade ago, video didn’t impact search at all, because the search engines couldn’t read the data. Today, Google uses “universal search,” which gives us video, text, PDF and images for each query.

Some marketers are still treating video as though search engines can’t recognize it, but under the rules of universal search, it’s definitely impacting your SEO rank. And in some cases, it’s helping you more than text or images.

Google wants to present the best possible results to a searcher. A video tells the search engine you’re going to offer a valuable answer to the question presented.

Video Best Practices

By now, I’m sure you agree that video is a worthwhile endeavor, but you might be wondering how to actually put it to work for your auto dealership. Here are our suggestions to start your auto dealership's video best practices:

  • Keep it short: We suggest keeping your video length to four or five minutes. People have pretty short digital attention spans, so your content needs to be concise to maintain engagement.
  • Repurpose your work: Once you’ve gone through the work of creating video content, use it to boost more than SEO. You can share it on your Facebook, Google+ and Instagram accounts to increase social activity and your authority.
  • Transcribe your script: Even though Google is pretty good at parsing video content for meaning, the transcribed text will do double duty — helping the search engine crawl your content for relevance.
  • Embed your video: You’ve worked hard on the video, so make sure you get full credit for it. If you just link to a YouTube or Vimeo site, you’re giving them the web traffic. YouTube is one of the most powerful tools to boost SEO, but only if you embed it on a landing page hosted on your site. Nothing beats the SEO benefits of video marketing right on your domain.

Take on Your Competition

Auto dealerships have a special advantage with video content because they have a product people want to see. If you’re not using videos on your website, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to boost SEO and educate customers.

Now is the time to start. Video content can help you gain traction on your competition on those valuable search engine results pages. And it's easier than ever to get started.

If you want to learn more about creating and maintaining a digital marketing plan for your auto dealership, check out our resources page for free eBooks and case studies to get you started.