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[Roundup] Twitter to Ditch 140 Characters


Welcome back to the 9 Clouds Monthly Roundup, where we share links from around the web to motivate and inform our wide variety of readers. So whether you are into marketing, sales, country line dancing or hip hop (or both), you're bound to find something that interests you.

The top news this month comes from the Twittersphere. Twitter is building a tool that will allow users to exceed its signature 140-character limit when sharing content. This is a nod to the power of longer form content and will change the face of one of the most popular social networks in the world.

Speaking of popular, here's what is trending in our world.

  1. Google is taking creeping targeting to another level. Soon advertisers will be able to target users based on their email addresses as they browse Google or search YouTube, according to Jack Marshall of the Wall Street Journal.
  2. Then again, if a large portion of your marketing audience is fake, as Bloomberg reports, it may not matter who is targeted and who isn't.
  3. Here's some inspiring news for car dealers: thanks to high employment, low interest rates and low gas prices, car sales are on the rise, according to Scott Tindle of beta.finimize.com.
  4. Looking to nurture leads via social media? 9 Clouds' Rachel Speiser tells you how in this comprehensive post.
  5. While you're at it, improve your SEO on social media by reading this post from Dominique Jackson of Sprout Social, who explains the intricacies of the connection between social media and SEO.
  6. It's an oft-asked question in the blogging world – is quantity or quality more important? Ginny Soskey of Hubspot has some valuable insight.
  7. KPIs (key performance indicators) are vital. Avinash Kaushik says you are what you measure, so carefully choose what you measure.
  8. Are you ready to build links? Not if you don't have the right assets, according to David Farkas of theupperanks.com.
  9. We end with a question. What is the most misunderstood buzzword of all time? A.J. Ghergich answers that question with an incredibly insightful slideshow.

That's all for this month. Think we missed something – maybe something you wrote? Email ryan@9clouds.com. Meanwhile, subscribe to our blog for more insight into building a community and business.