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[Roundup] Gmail Escapes Google Plus


This month we lead the roundup with wonderful news from the Google camp.

Most digital marketers were not excited when the search engine juggernaut ditched simplicity and added one part YouTube, one part Gmail and one part Google Plus to concoct one hot mess of confusion. For lack of a better term – YouTubeGmailPlus. Or maybe GoogleYouTubeMail?

Anywho, Google is joining forces with logic and separating the services. No longer will you need a Google+ account to use Google services that are actually useful, like Gmail and YouTube. No offense, Google, but since Facebook for all intents and purposes took over American society, nobody is interested in a similar time-sucking social network. When Facebook became THE social network of its ilk, space for others was limited. Speaking of space, do you ever hear about MySpace anymore? That's not a coincidence.

Anyway, here Gmail goes again, on its own.

And here are the nine best things we’ve seen on the Internet lately.

  1. GooglePlusGmailTube will soon be no more. Chris Welch of The Verge has more.
  2. Digital experts Moz are a staple of our monthly roundup and for good reason. They know what’s up with digital marketing – especially SEO. Here Rand Fishkin discusses how to create a search volume for keywords.
  3. Auto dealers – are your ad spends not enough to oust your competitors? Focus on your message, writes JD Rucker of Dealer Authority.
  4. Infographics are gold in the digital era, where our attention span is equal to goldfish. In this Entrepeneur.com article, our friends at Lemonly tell Kristin Piombino of PR Daily how to make infographics stand out.
  5. Ever hear of a Holacracy? It's a unique workplace environment where everyone has a voice and bureaucracy is held to a minimum. David Gelles explores the Holacracy at shoe company Zappos in this fascinating New York Times article.
  6. What makes a good designer? The first step is to be perceptive, according to this Ted Talk.
  7. If you are burned out from the daily/weekly grind, check out these tips for making work not feel like work from 9 Clouds’ Rachel Speiser.
  8. Inventor Elon Musk has a lot of knowledge. Here are his recommendations for books that will increase yours.
  9. Pricing pages can be difficult. They should be informative but not intimidating. Talia Wolf of The Next Web explains.

That's the best of what we’ve seen on the web recently. Stay tuned for next month's edition, and click below to subscribe to our blog so you can catch our other posts between now and then.