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9 from 9 Clouds: Our New Monthly Roundup


At 9 Clouds, we work online. As a result, we often find inspiration online.

Our new monthly roundup, “9 from 9 Clouds,” will give you nine motivational articles and videos we have discovered during our daily routines. As you look through our first list, you'll find inspiration and advice from all corners of the web, including a poignant entry from this very blog. We are often inspired by our own, and we think Sarah Schock's post about millennials and the workplace will have a similar effect on you. So, without further ado: Here are the best things we've seen on the Internet lately.

  1. Why Good Content Needs to Die – “Good” content isn’t good enough anymore. Find out from Moz why your content has to reach beyond good to rank highly in Google.
  2. How often should you check your metrics? – Our partner HubSpot has a quick checklist to guide you through the process of tracking leads, visits and other important stats.
  3. Remarketing: The Great Marketing Pixel Land Rush – Why is retargeting taking over the World Wide Web? Dan Martell explains – and tells you how to take advantage of this trend.
  4. How SEO is Ruining Car Dealer Websites – A saturated SEO market is becoming dangerous for car dealers, according to Timothy Martell.
  5. Google Docs Adds Track Changes for Editing: Here’s How to Use It – Content collaborators rejoice! Google Docs has gone the way of Microsoft Word with a collaborative editing tool that will make group editing a breeze for your team. The Write Life has the inside scoop.
  6. 10 Creative (and Sneaky) Ways to use Facebook Custom Audiences – Aaron Zakowski has ideas for using Facebook’s new Customer Audience feature to refine your ad targeting and get more bang for your marketing buck.
  7. No More 9 to 5: Millennials and Flexibility at Work – As far as we are concerned, the “9-5 sit in the office all day, five days a week” system is antiquated and needs to go. 9 Clouds' own Sarah Schock tells you exactly how to attract a millennial to your workplace.
  8. How to Write a Headline That Gets Badass Results – Headlines are a HUGE factor in getting people to read your content. Amanda Walgrove of Contently tells you how to use headlines to your advantage.
  9. The $0 Marketing Stack: Free Options to Popular Paid Services and Tools – Kevan Lee of Buffer explores how to minimize your business’s monthly paid subscriptions with these awesome free programs for social media, graphic design and more.

So, there you go. That's the best of what our browsers have come across recently. We enjoy sharing inspirational pieces with you. We also enjoy producing such content ourselves. Subscribe to our blog to read more posts like the one we sent you today about millennials.

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