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[Roundup] No Debating These Links!

9 Clouds Monthly Roundup

Time flies when you're having fun. We're back with another 9 Clouds monthly roundup!

September was a busy month. Self-driving cars were all over the news, Twitter announced it's giving us more bang for our tweet, Amazon promised to shake up the auto industry, and we've witnessed the first debate of the 2016 presidential election.

Buckle up — this roundup is going to be a wild ride.

1. Do Fact Checks Matter?

Trump & ClintonThe first presidential debate happened in September, so we've got to say something about it . . . but let's hurry up and get the politics out of the way.

Technology has come a long way over the years, and it really shows in the media and political scenes. During the live debate, everybody had a live fact-checking ticker — news sites and candidates alike.

NPR set aside their fact-checker for a moment to ask this important question: Do fact checks actually matter?

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2. The Future of Content Marketing

A common theme in content marketing these days is more content. Some believe it's the only way to break through to new audiences in this age of content proliferation.

Our friends at Moz disagree. Their advice?

Develop a goal for your content that's in line with your brand's goals, then let your marketing team test and refine the publishing schedule. You're likely to find that the right cadence to nail quality is fewer but bigger content pieces

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3. Yahoo Breach Hits Half a Billion Users

Late in 2014, Yahoo was breached by hackers. In the intrusion, at least 500 million user accounts were retrieved, making it the largest-known breach in history.

This one should be old news — after all, it happened in 2014 — but the breach went unnoticed until this month. Yikes!

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4. Twitter's New, Longer Tweets

Okay, like it or not, the actual length of the tweet is still 140 characters. But Twitter's latest update gives you a lot more room to play if you're posting links or images.

Media no longer counts against your character limit, so now you can link to your brilliant blog post, add an image, and still have 140 characters to sum it up.

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5. Five Tips for Using Media on Twitter

Adding a photo, video, or graphic to your tweet can increase engagement by 313%. And now that media links no longer count against your tweet, you can add that image or video and still have room to get your message across.

Twitter can be a valuable way to grow your social media presence. Follow these suggestions and other tips to navigate the world of Twitter.

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6. How Amazon Is Going to Disrupt the Auto Industry

Prospective car buyers are doing their research online, and Amazon wants to be the only place you go for that research.

Right now, Amazon isn't much different from car research sites like Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book. But it's easy to speculate that Amazon plans to become an online car retailer and turn the auto industry upside down (like Amazon.com did for retail).

Don't panic, auto marketers — right now, this just emphasizes the importance of local SEO and ad targeting for your dealership.

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7. How Far Can You Drive Your Car on Empty?

how far can you drive on empty

One fall afternoon just a couple of years ago, I marveled at making it to the gas station after driving 30-some miles on empty. What does “empty” really mean, anyway?

Check out this cool graph of the estimated mileage on empty for various vehicles, broken down by make and model.

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8. Regulating Self-Driving Cars for Safety

Self-driving cars are coming — and sooner than you might think. The U.S. government is drafting regulations and has already issued the Federal Automated Vehicle Policy.

Self-driving vehicles promise to save money, time, and lives. I don't know about you, but I'd love to stop worrying about the road on my commute.

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9. Gmail to Support Responsive Design

When it comes to rendering your email design, Gmail has always been one of the more limiting services. But that's changing. Gmail plans to support responsive design, <style> tags, and improved font support.

Gmail is one of the most popular email clients out there. With this change, email client support for media queries rises to over 75%!

Expect responsive email to be the standard in the near future. (Of course, we'll still have to rely on hacks and workarounds for Outlook. . . .)

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