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[Roundup] New Year’s Edition

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Happy New Year! Welcome to the first 9 Clouds Monthly Roundup of 2016, which promises to be an exciting year for digital marketers. It won't be a bad one for rock n' roll fans either — did you hear about the Guns ‘N Roses reunion?

Anyway, here are the top nine links we saw on the web during December. We hope you find this list at least as entertaining as Axl Rose asking for some reggae.

Can Microsoft Regain its Internet Browsing ‘Edge'?

1. Microsoft is a dominant company, despite some missteps. Windows 8 was about as popular as the sequel to Caddyshack. Meanwhile, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have rendered Internet Explorer largely irrelevant. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft is fighting back. Dan Price of www.makeuseof.com explores whether the corporation will gain an “Edge” with its new web browser.

2. We use Hubspot as a digital marketing tool. Hubspotters know what they're talking about. If you're serious about increasing your sales, read this list containing their top sales blog posts of 2015.

3. With the New Year approaching, 9 Clouds decided to look ahead at what 2016 has in store. Here are some trends to watch for in digital marketing.

4. As you'll discover after reading our top trends for 2016, social media will again be huge. Facebook ads are now becoming so dominant that Honda is using them to announce safety recalls, per Joann Muller of Forbes.

5. Our 9 Clouds fans have particular tastes when it comes to our blog. So what were the top read posts in 2016 from our 9 Clouds Blog? Click to find out.

6. Social media is a great place for communicating with your customers. It's also a place where you can have a little fun. Here's a great list of funny yet effective customer service responses, via Bryan Haines of Buffer.

7. Facebook groups tend to be used for entertainment. But can they be used effectively for marketing? According to Ryan Stewart of Moz, who used a Facebook group to drive more than 6,000 organic Facebook visits to his website, the answer is yes.

8. Which brands won and lost in 2015? Dr. Peter J. Meyers lays it all out.

9. Ford would like to turn your car's rear wheel into a batpod. Need we say more? Andrew Liszewski of Gizmodo explains.

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