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[Roundup] Holiday Edition


Welcome to the Holiday Edition of the 9 Clouds Monthly Roundup, where we share nine links from around the web to motivate and inform our readers. We got you a present! No, it's not a gun rack. Rather, in honor of the 12 Days of Christmas, this month's roundup will include three bonus links for a total of 12. Happy Holidays!

How'd They Do That?

This month we'll lead with a “whoa!” moment. Ride Time, a 9 Clouds auto client that sells used cars in Winnipeg, Canada, produced a 3D video that made us do a double take. We can't do it justice in the description — so just watch it here. Click and drag your mouse anywhere on the video. You'll be surprised at what happens next.

And here are 12 things that caught our eye this month:

  1. Happy employees are healthy employees. That's common sense, right? Less commonly known are the staggering costs of unhealthy business environments. Harvard Business Review's Emma Seppala and Kim Cameron investigate how unhealthy work culture can dig into a business's bottom line — and the U.S. economy.
  2. Standing out as a marketer is difficult, especially during Black Friday holiday retail season. But thinkwithgoogle.com says you must capture consumers' “Micro Moments. “Speed counts: 58% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies whose mobile sites or apps allow them to make purchases quickly.”
  3. Medium is a continually growing platform that can boost your online presence tremendously. Sophie Moura, head of B2B partnerships at Medium, tells you how to build a Medium content strategy on Hubspot's podcast “The Growth Show.”
  4. Getting people to leave Facebook to fill out a form is difficult. That's why Facebook Lead Ads are a potential game changer. Use Facebook Lead ads to enable your Facebook followers to fill in their information without ever leaving the social network, per Social Media Examiner's Kyler Patterson.
  5. Auto dealers, did you know that women dominate family car-buying decisions, but few hold executive positions in the auto industry? Sonari Glinton of NPR explains.
  6. What goes into the value of a link? More than you think. SEO guru Rand Fishkin of Moz explains 20 attributes that determine a link's value.


  7. When Google talks about search, we listen. You should too. Chris O'Brien of venturebeat.com dives into what Google considers the top four things that will affect the future of search.
  8. Everyone wants more conversions on their website. Jeff Bullas has five methods for increasing yours.
  9. Polls are an easy way to increase engagement on social media. Twitter has created a new polling feature that is extremely simple yet effective. Read more about it on the 9 Clouds Blog.
  10. Headlines are crucial for content marketers. This awesome tool, from our friends in North Dakota, lets you analyze yours for free.
  11. Here's another great tool for content marketers. Courtney Seiter of Buffer shows you seven tools to help you perfect your content message.
  12. We'll end with some good news for you auto dealers out there. You're on pace for a record year, per Bernie Woodall of Reuters.

Happy Holidays!

That's all for this month. Think we missed a hot story – maybe something you wrote? Email ryan@9clouds.com. Meanwhile, subscribe to our blog for more insight into building a community and business.