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[Roundup] Gotta Read ‘Em All!

9 Clouds Monthly Roundup Graphic

Time for our 9 Clouds monthly roundup!

We're all about learning here, which has us perusing a lot of different articles.

The roundup gives us a chance to share the best of the web with you, from Pokémon Go and mobile emails to our 2016 report on auto marketing.

So here are the nine coolest links we found in July 2016.

1. A Nation of Learners

There's some crazy stuff going on in the world right now, and an ever-increasing number of people seem to be dealing with anxiety. Whether worries are personal or global, there's a lot of apprehension about the future floating about.

A piece by the Harvard Business Review thinks that it has an answer, at least as it relates to employment. If you're nervous about the future, see if this approach can help you reframe your outlook.

2. The State of Auto Marketing in 2016

The internet is always changing, so how often has your marketing strategy been changing with it?

We dove deep into what the biggest changes are for automotive marketing in 2016, why dealerships across the country are hurting, and what the biggest takeaways will be for the year ahead.

Catch up by learning more about the 2016 State of Automotive Marketing.

3. Olympic G***s in Rio

You know those big blow-outs that happen every few years where the best competitors from each country compete for gold medals? Make sure your dealership or company is on its toes about how/if you mention them – even on social media.

With certain games coming up in Rio, the US Olympics Committee told everybody that non-sponsoring companies aren't allowed to tweet about the event. Can you actually trademark a hashtag? Adweek has the answer.

Pokemon Go at the Sioux Falls river walk4. Pokémon Go – It's Super Effective!

Are you lucky enough to have a Pokéstop near your dealership? Niantic's wildly successful app seems to have more people stepping outside than we thought there were people left.

So with this augmented reality game creating real-world traffic, there might be chances to steer the masses to your business. Tech Crunch shared some thoughts on what it could look like.

Speaking of smartphones…

5. Think You Know Mobile Email?

What do you do when an email doesn't look good on your phone?

Sure, you can just delete it. In a BlueHornet study, that's what 80% of people said they'd do. But 30% said they'd unsubscribe.

If you aren't sending your leads and customers emails that render well on smartphones, you might be losing a third of your audience every time. There's no counter-argument left. You have to optimize emails for mobile use.

We learned some great tricks, and the stats from that BlueHornet study, from Hubspot's video, “10 Things You Don't Know About Mobile Email.” Take the time to see where you can improve.

6. To VDP, or Not to VDP?

It's starting to feel like the whole industry is catching up when it comes to Facebook ads.

But just because everyone is doing it doesn't mean everybody is doing it right. There's a lot of options out there for how you write, design, and target your ad campaign.

There's one other huge thing to consider; what are you linking to? Our analytics and sales funnel expert Sara Kohles took a look at the pros and cons of sending leads right to vehicle detail pages.

7. Millennial Blues

Remember that anxiety we mentioned earlier? It's hitting people hard in their twenties and thirties, in what's being called a quarter-life crisis.

Whether you're looking to understand millennial shoppers, you work with millennials (smart move!), or you know somebody who might be struggling with how to sculpt their identity in the adult world, it's a great idea to understand the vantage point of these young people.

That's tough when we're not good at explaining it, but Patrick Allan at Lifehacker has us covered in this detailed article.

8. Crowd-Pleasing New Vehicles

J.D. Power released a study on the new-vehicle appeal of this year's brands. Unsurprisingly, Porsche held on to the top spot. But Volvo, Toyota, and Mitsubishi all made some moves forward from last year.

The study is a measure of consumer excitement and emotional attachment to their new vehicles.

See how your favorite brand did in this report from Automotive News.

9.-ty-nine Luftballons, Bill?

Whatever side of the aisle you're cheering (or sighing) from this election season, we think anyone can take a little time to enjoy the fun Buzzfeed had with pictures of former president Bill Clinton at the DNC. If you need a reason to smile, check it out!

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