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The 9 Clouds Manifesto: We believe…

9 Clouds manifesto

We've been writing about manifestos for the last few weeks and now it's time to share ours with you. Manifestos are rallying cries that employees, customers, and advocates can get behind and we've recently solidified and launched our own.

Our Origin

9 Clouds started over five years ago. Our brofounders (brothers + cofounders), John and Scott Meyer, were home for the holidays when their mother took out the phone book to order pizza.

They were shocked.

There had to be a better way: an app, a website or at least Google! They realized that if she was still using outdated technology that other people and businesses in the Midwest were probably missing out on the possibility of technology too.

Scott and John quickly learned that people not only wanted to learn how to use technology, but they often wanted to hire someone else to do it for them. Thus began the growth and formation of what is today an Internet marketing and education firm – 9 Clouds.

Our Manifesto

9 Clouds has come a long way since that holiday in the Meyer kitchen and pivoted its business model along the way. We wanted to solidify our manifesto so as we continue to grow, we keep our principles in mind.

A company manifesto is a brief statement(s) that proclaim the company's intentions and mission. Our manifesto provides clarity internally and a rallying cry for our clients and community. There are lots of examples out there.

We've worked long and hard on it. It wasn't easy. We are a hard-working team and we are passionate about our work and we all wanted to make sure that was communicated properly in our manifesto. Our entire team was involved. After hours of discussion and debate, we are proud to put our beliefs in writing.

We hope that our manifesto inspires you to think about what you believe as a company or individual. Start the process of deciding what you believe so your employees and customers know that you are a place they want to work for or a place they want to work with.

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