[9 Clouds Live] Season 1, Episode 1: “Why Facebook Marketing Matters”

[9 Clouds Live] Season 1, Episode 1: “Why Facebook Marketing Matters”

Hello! Welcome to our special blog-post edition of 9 Clouds Live: on-demand digital marketing for auto dealers.

Clearly, I am not Scott (no matter how much I want to be).

Even so, I’m going to break down everything he discussed in the first episode, titled “Why Facebook Matters.” I’ll explain how to use Facebook ads to build your business, attract car buyers, and acquire key customer data.

Let’s do this!

You can keep reading below, or you can watch Scott Meyer introduce the 9 Clouds Live video series in episode one of the first season.

Why Facebook Matters

9 Clouds Live

Facebook is the watering hole of the Internet.

People are spending valuable time on this platform. If we had to say why Facebook matters for car dealers in two words, it would be attention and data

1. Attention

Facebook has our attention.

Out of all the apps people have on their phones — including Google, YouTube, and Twitter — people are spending 20% of all mobile time on Facebook and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook).

When you add in Facebook’s Audience Network, you see that almost one out of five mobile minutes is spent on Facebook and Instagram or their affiliated networks, according to U.S. comScore data.

“The average American spends over 50 minutes a day on Facebook and Instagram.” — Scott Meyer, 9 Clouds Live

Facebook is where you need to be if you want to get your digital marketing messages in front of your intended audience.

2. Data

Facebook has a lot of data.

By partnering with organizations, Facebook advertising can offer you Polk data about what cars people own as well as credit bureau finance data.

Plus, Facebook and Instagram collect data like what people are looking at online, what they are interested in, and who their friends are.

All this data combined gives you a wide range of insights to harness when targeting your digital marketing messages.

After all, individuals have different interests and are all looking to buy a car at different times.

Instead of plastering your ads everywhere, you can take a surgical approach to honing in on who will the most interested. By targeting your content to people who will find it relevant to their current needs and wants, you’ll find your ideal audience.

“You can show the right message to the right people are the right time. That’s why Facebook is so powerful.” — Scott Meyer, 9 Clouds Live

With Facebook, you have people’s attention, and you have the data to know who to reach. Does it honestly get any better than that?

[9 Clouds Live] Season 1, Episode 2 Is Now Available!

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